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Use this page to specify the settings related to the IntelliJ Platform Plugin SDK. (This is an SDK type for IntelliJ IDEA plugin development.)

Configure the paths to the class files, sources, external annotations and documentation.

Item Description
Name Use this field to edit the name of the SDK.
IntelliJ Platform Plugin SDK home path Specify the IntelliJ Platform Plugin SDK home directory. Actually, this is the IntelliJ IDEA installation directory.

Use browseButton (Shift+Enter) to select the SDK installation directory in the Select Home Directory for IntelliJ Platform Plugin SDK dialog.

Sandbox Home Specify the sandbox directory, where IntelliJ IDEA will deploy plugins.

Use browseButton (Shift+Enter) to select the necessary directory in the Sandbox Home dialog.

Internal Java Platform Select the internal Java SDK.
add (Alt+Insert) Use this icon or shortcut to add one or more files and/or folders to the list.

In the dialog that opens, select the necessary files and/or folders and click OK.

delete (Alt+Delete) Use this icon or shortcut to remove the selected items from the list.
icon_doc_url (Alt+S) For documentation: To be able to use external documentation available online, click this icon and specify the URL of the external documentation in the dialog that opens.

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Last modified: 24 March 2015
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