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Skipped Paths

File | Settings | Languages and Frameworks | PHP | Debug | Skipped Paths

The page is available only when the PHP plugin is enabled.

The plugin is not bundled with IntelliJ IDEA, but it is available from the JetBrains plugin repository. Once enabled, the plugin is available at the IDE level, that is, you can use it in all your IntelliJ IDEA projects. See Installing, Updating and Uninstalling Repository Plugins and Enabling and Disabling Plugins for details.

On this page, specify the scripts requests to which you want IntelliJ IDEA to ignore during debugging. This approach can be useful, when your application contains scripts that use AJAX. Suppose you have a menu-ajax-script.php that "reloads" a part of your web page. This script works properly so you do not need to debug it. However, this script is still requested during the debugging session. To have incoming connections to this script ignored, add the menu-ajax-script.php script to the skipped paths list. You can also group such scripts into folders and add these folders to the "ignore list".

Item Description
Notify about skipped paths Select this check box to have IntelliJ IDEA inform you every time it receives a request to a script to be skipped.
Skipped paths This list box shows the scripts and folders to ignore requests to.
Add (Alt+Insert)
Click this button to have a new line added to the list. Then click the Browse button browseButton.png and in the dialog box that opens choose the file or folder to skip connections to.
Remove (Alt+Delete)
Click this button to have the selected item removed from the list.

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Last modified: 6 April 2015