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Working with Lists and Maps

In this section you can find some examples of working with lists and maps in IntelliJ IDEA:

To convert a parameter of a function to a map entry

  1. Place the caret at a parameter you want to convert, and press Alt+Enter:
  2. On the context menu, choose Convert parameter to map entry , and specify conversion parameters:
  3. Repeat the procedure until all the required named arguments are represented as map entries. Note that all the subsequent conversions are done silently.

To convert Groovy map to a class instance

  1. In a Groovy method, place the caret at a map to be converted, and press Alt+Enter:
  2. On the context menu, choose Convert to class , and specify new class name and the package where the new class will be created. If such package doesn't yet exist, you can create one immediately,by clicking icon_newFolder.
  3. If necessary, choose to change return type of the method.
  4. Click OK to apply changes and perform conversion.

    As a result, a class is created, with the fields corresponding to the keys of the original map.

To produce a list or a map

  1. Type contents of a list or a map in the editor:
    [55, 127,-9,-100,568]


  2. Place the caret somewhere inside the square brackets, and press Ctrl+Alt+V. The expression in brackets is converted to a list or map respectively.

To inline a list or a map

  1. Place the caret on the list or map declaration, and press Ctrl+Alt+N. IntelliJ IDEA highlights the encountered usages:
  2. Confirm inlining:

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Last modified: 30 January 2015
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