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Ajaxian JetBrains-Ajaxian Joint 2006 Survey

The survey is now officially closed.

Thanks to all of you who completed the JetBrains-Ajaxian Joint 2006 Survey! Over 600 developers took the time to share something important about their approach to AJAX development. Your feedback is sure to make a difference in the way IntelliJ IDEA will develop AJAX support – thank you!

Oh yes - we promised to give away 10 free IntelliJ IDEA personal licenses to random survey participants didn't we? Well, the lucky winners have been selected! They are:

  • Isaac Rivera
  • Chris Green
  • Colin
  • Gentrie Go
  • Manuel Martin-Vivaldi
  • Diana Feher
  • Qaxy Fahwe
  • Manuel Vidaurre
  • Bastian Fiebig
  • Michael Darsow

Each winner has been notified at the e-mail address he or she provided in the survey.

We appreciate your continuing support!