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Some features described here are available in Ultimate edition only.

To support ActionScript and Flex, IntelliJ IDEA provides:

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ActionScript and Flex Support

ActionScript and Flex support includes:

  • 10.0+ Code completion, including completion of statements (Ctrl+Shift+EnterCtrl+Shift+EnterCtrl+Shift+EnterCtrl+Shift+EnterCtrl+Shift+EnterCtrl+Shift+EnterCtrl+Shift+EnterCtrl+Shift+Enter or Ctrl+SemicolonCtrl+Shift+EnterShift Command EnterShift Command EnterShift Command Enter) and Smart Type completion (Ctrl+Shift+SpaceCtrl+Shift+SpaceCtrl+Shift+SpaceCtrl+Shift+SpaceCtrl+Shift+Space or Ctrl+Alt+SlashCtrl+Shift+SpaceShift+Alt+SpaceCtrl+Shift+Space or Ctrl+Shift+Back SlashShift+Alt+SpaceControl Shift SpaceControl Shift SpaceShift Alt Space).
  • Error and syntax highlighting.
  • 9.0+ ActionScript and Flex code refactorings:
  • ActionScript and Flex code inspections and quick-fixes.
  • Intention Actions for creating various application elements.
  • Code formatting and folding.
  • Advanced Search and Navigation, plus Structure View.
  • Enhanced navigation with gutter icons.
  • Navigation from CSS properties and selectors to their declarations in ActionScript (Ctrl+B, Ctrl+Button1 Click or Button2 ClickCtrl+B, Ctrl+Button1 Click or Button2 ClickCtrl+B, Ctrl+Button1 Click or Button2 ClickCtrl+B, Ctrl+Button1 Click or Button2 ClickCtrl+Alt+G, Escape, Period, Alt+Period or Ctrl+Button1 ClickCtrl+B, Ctrl+Button1 Click or Button2 ClickF12, Shift+F2, Ctrl+B, Ctrl+Button1 Click or Button2 ClickCtrl+B, Ctrl+Button1 Click or Button2 ClickF3 or Ctrl+Button1 ClickCommand B, Command Button1 Click or Button2 ClickCommand B, Command Button1 Click or Button2 ClickF3 or Control Button1 Click).
  • Possibility to build ActionScript and Flex applications using various compiler shells and compilation options.
  • Support for breakpoints and specific run/debug configurations for debugging ActionScript and Flex applications directly from IntelliJ IDEA.
  • ActionScript and Flex-aware debugger that lets you execute applications step by step, evaluate expressions, examine related information and find runtime bugs.
  • 9.0+ Quick Javadoc (Ctrl+Q or Alt+Button2 ClickCtrl+Q or Alt+Button2 ClickCtrl+Q or Alt+Button2 ClickCtrl+Q or Alt+Button2 ClickCtrl+Q or Alt+Button2 ClickCtrl+Q or Alt+Button2 ClickCtrl+QCtrl+Q or Alt+Button2 ClickAlt+Button2 Click, Ctrl+Shift+Space or F2F1, Control J or Control Button2 ClickControl J or Control Button2 ClickAlt Button2 Click or F2) for AsDoc.
  • BlazeDS support.
  • 10.5+ AIR application development support at all stages of application development cycle. Development of AIR applications for mobile devices is also supported. For basic how-to information, see New in IntelliJ IDEA 10.5: Develop Mobile AIR Applications for Android.
  • Possibility to create pure ActionScript applications.
  • ActionScript live templates: File | Settings | IDE Settings | Live Templates | ActionScript and JavaScript groups.
  • Ability to wrap and unwrap code constructs in ActionScript and MXML (Ctrl+Alt+TCtrl+Alt+TCtrl+Alt+TCtrl+Alt+TCtrl+Alt+TCtrl+Alt+T or Ctrl+Shift+CCtrl+Alt+TCtrl+Alt+TShift+Alt+Z or Ctrl+Alt+TAlt Command TAlt Command TAlt Command Z and Ctrl+Shift+DeleteCtrl+Shift+DeleteCtrl+Shift+DeleteCtrl+Shift+DeleteCtrl+Shift+DeleteCtrl+Shift+DeleteCtrl+Shift+DeleteCtrl+Shift+DeleteAlt+RShift Command DeleteShift Command DeleteShift Command Delete).
  • 9.0+ Type Hierarchy (Ctrl+HCtrl+HCtrl+HCtrl+HCtrl+HCtrl+HAlt+HShift+Alt+F12F4Control HControl HF4), Method Hierarchy (Ctrl+Shift+HCtrl+Shift+HCtrl+Shift+HCtrl+Shift+HCtrl+Shift+HCtrl+Shift+HCtrl+Shift+HCtrl+Shift+HCtrl+Shift+HShift Command HShift Command HShift Command H) and Call Hierarchy (Ctrl+Alt+HCtrl+Alt+HCtrl+Alt+HCtrl+Alt+HCtrl+Alt+HCtrl+Alt+HCtrl+Alt+HCtrl+Alt+HCtrl+Alt+HControl Alt HControl Alt HControl Alt H) for Flex sources (*.mxml and *.as files).
  • 9.0+ Easy import of Flex projects created in Adobe Flash Builder.
  • Import of Flexmojos projects. See Working with Flexmojos projects in IntelliJ IDEA. See the description of related import setting.
  • 10.0+ ActionScript and Flex UML class diagrams. Among the features is the ability to view changes in ActionScript source files in a structured visual form.

FlexUnit Support

IntelliJ IDEA supports the versions 0.9 and 4 of FlexUnit, a unit testing framework for Flex and ActionScript applications and libraries.

FlexUnit support includes:

  • Dedicated FlexUnit run/debug configurations to run a single test method, test suite, all methods in a certain test class, or all test classes in a given package.
  • Ability to perform the tests both in the run and the debug modes.
  • Support for Flunit tests via FlexUnit 4 test runner.
  • FlexUnit-aware code inspections (turned off by default).

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