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Some features described here are available in Ultimate edition only.

File | Project Structure | Modules - module - AspectJ facet


The page is available only if the following plugins are enabled:

  • Spring-AOP and @AspectJ Support.
  • AspectJ Support.

Use this page to specify the module-specific command-line option aspectpath for the AspectJ compiler ajc.

Item Shortcut Description
Override project aspect path Select this check box to override the aspectpath specified at the project level.

Use the available controls (see below) to form the module-specific aspectpath.

add Alt+InsertAlt+InsertAlt+InsertAlt+InsertAlt+InsertAlt+InsertAlt+InsertAlt+Insert or Ctrl+NAlt+InsertCommand N or Control EnterControl N or Control EnterCommand N or Control Enter Use this icon or shortcut to add project and global libraries, and/or the modules that the current module depends on.

Select Library or Module, and then select the necessary libraries or modules in the Choose Libraries or the Choose Modules dialog.

delete Alt+DeleteAlt+DeleteAlt+DeleteAlt+DeleteAlt+DeleteAlt+DeleteAlt+DeleteAlt+DeleteAlt+DeleteCommand DeleteCommand DeleteCommand Delete Use this icon or shortcut to remove the selected items from the list.
arrowUp Alt+UpAlt+UpAlt+UpAlt+UpAlt+Up or Ctrl+Alt+AAlt+UpAlt+UpCtrl+Alt+UpCtrl+Shift+UpControl UpControl UpControl Alt Up Use this icon or shortcut to move the selected item one line up in the list.
arrowDown Alt+DownAlt+DownAlt+DownAlt+DownAlt+Down or Ctrl+Alt+EAlt+DownAlt+DownCtrl+Alt+DownCtrl+Shift+DownControl DownControl DownControl Alt Down Use this icon or shortcut to move the selected item one line down in the list.

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