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Refactor | Change Signature

Use the Change Class Signature dialog to perform the Change Class Signature refactoring in Java.

Manage the formal type parameters using the available controls (see the table that follows). You can add and remove parameters as well as change their order.

Click Refactor to perform the refactoring right away. Click Preview to see the potential changes prior to actually performing the refactoring. (These will be shown in the Find tool window.)

Icon Shortcut Description
add Alt+InsertAlt+InsertAlt+InsertAlt+InsertAlt+InsertAlt+InsertAlt+InsertAlt+Insert or Ctrl+NAlt+InsertCommand N or Control EnterControl N or Control EnterCommand N or Control Enter Use this icon or shortcut to add a parameter. Specify the parameter name and default type in the Name and the Default Value fields respectively.
delete Alt+DeleteAlt+DeleteAlt+DeleteAlt+DeleteAlt+DeleteAlt+DeleteAlt+DeleteAlt+DeleteAlt+DeleteCommand DeleteCommand DeleteCommand Delete Use this icon or shortcut to remove the selected parameter.
arrowUp Alt+UpAlt+UpAlt+UpAlt+UpAlt+Up or Ctrl+Alt+AAlt+UpAlt+UpCtrl+Alt+UpCtrl+Shift+UpControl UpControl UpControl Alt Up Use this icon or shortcut to move the selected parameter one line up in the list.
arrowDown Alt+DownAlt+DownAlt+DownAlt+DownAlt+Down or Ctrl+Alt+EAlt+DownAlt+DownCtrl+Alt+DownCtrl+Shift+DownControl DownControl DownControl Alt Down Use this icon or shortcut to move the selected parameter one line down in the list.

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