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To compile all source files in a specified target
  1. Select a file, module, or package.
  2. On the main menu choose Build | Compile 'target', or press Ctrl+Shift+F9Ctrl+Shift+F9Ctrl+Shift+F9Ctrl+Shift+F9Ctrl+Shift+F9Ctrl+Shift+F9Ctrl+F7F9Ctrl+Shift+F9Shift Command F9Shift Command F9Shift Command F9.
  • When called from the editor, this method compiles the current file.
  • You can compile any module separately. All modules the current one depends on will be compiled as well.
  • To cancel the process, do one of the following:
    • Middle-click on the progress bar
    • Click closeRedCircle
    • 12.0+Press Ctrl+F2Ctrl+F2Ctrl+2Ctrl+F2Ctrl+F2Ctrl+F2Shift+F5Shift+F5 or Ctrl+Shift+DeleteCtrl+F2Command F2Command F2Command F2, and select the process from the pop-up menu.


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