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Some features described here are available in Ultimate edition only.

Generally, the compilation process for Java mobile applications includes the following stages:

  • Compilation. During this stage a "standard" Java compiler such as javac is used. The related settings are specified as described in Configuring Compiler Settings.
  • Preverification. Used at this stage is a preverify utility with an emulator included in the corresponding Java mobile SDK (WTK or DoJa). The related settings are specified as described later on this page.
  • Packaging.
To configure the preverify settings
  1. Open the Project Structure dialog (e.g. Ctrl+Shift+Alt+SCtrl+Shift+Alt+SCtrl+Shift+Alt+SCtrl+Shift+Alt+SCtrl+Shift+Alt+SCtrl+Shift+Alt+SCtrl+Shift+Alt+SCtrl+Shift+Alt+SCtrl+Shift+Alt+SCommand SemicolonCommand SemicolonCommand Semicolon).
  2. Select SDKs and then select your mobile SDK.
  3. If you are using WTK, you can specify whether you want to use the default profile (MIDP) and configuration (CLDC) versions for a given emulator, or the custom profile and/or configuration versions. In the second case, list the profile and/or configuration versions in the corresponding fields.
  4. For both WTK and DoJa, you can also specify the parameters for the preverify utility. For more information, see SDKs. Mobile.

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