IntelliJ IDEA 13.1 Web Help

Some features described here are available in Ultimate edition only.

When you create a module with a dedicated GWT facet, IntelliJ IDEA configures the module and adds all the necessary libraries automatically.

To create a module with a GWT facet
  1. Create a Java module from scratch.

    On the first page of the wizard, select Java Module, not Web Module. (The Web module type is for developing web applications using programming languages other than Java, for example, PHP, or JavaScript, or markup languages.)

  2. On the Technologies page of the New Project Wizard, select the Google Web Toolkit check box.
  3. In the text field next to the selected check box, specify the path to the GWT installation folder.


    If you have already configured the default path to the GWT, this path is displayed in the field. Change the setting, if needed.

  4. Specify whether you need a sample GWT application. To have IntelliJ IDEA create it, select the Create sample application check box and specify the application name in the text box below. The default application name is com.MySampleApplication.
  5. Click Finish. The module is created with a GWT facet.

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