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File | Project Structure - Modules - module - Struts 2 facet
Ctrl+Alt+SCtrl+Alt+SCtrl+Alt+SCtrl+Alt+SCtrl+Alt+SCtrl+Alt+SAlt+F7Ctrl+Alt+SCtrl+Alt+SCommand CommaCommand CommaCommand Comma,1

The dialog opens when you click add (Alt+InsertAlt+InsertAlt+InsertAlt+InsertAlt+InsertAlt+InsertAlt+InsertAlt+Insert or Ctrl+NAlt+InsertCommand N or Control EnterControl N or Control EnterCommand N or Control Enter) or edit1 (EnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnterEnter) on the File Sets tab of the Struts 2 Facet page.

Use this dialog to configure a validation file set by selecting the relevant files in the module tree.

Item Description
File Set name Use this field to edit the file set name.
Locate Use this button to add the files that are external to your module. (The Select Path dialog will open.)

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