IntelliJ IDEA 13.1.0 Web Help

Function Shortcut Use this shortcut to...
Select next component Arrow Move selection to the adjacent component.
Extend selection Shift+Arrow Add adjacent component to the selection.
Expand selection Ctrl+WCtrl+WCtrl+WCtrl+WCtrl+Alt+WCtrl+WCtrl+WShift+Alt+PeriodShift+Alt+UpAlt UpCommand WControl Shift Up
Ctrl+Shift+WCtrl+Shift+WCtrl+Shift+WCtrl+Shift+WCtrl+Shift+WCtrl+Shift+WCtrl+Shift+WShift+Alt+CommaShift+Alt+DownAlt DownShift Command WControl Shift Down
Select successively increasing sets of components from the current component to its container. Compare to selecting text in the editor.
Move component Ctrl+Arrow Move selected component to the adjacent valid container.
Expand component Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Expand component to the adjacent valid container.

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