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Sometimes you might want to ignore the hard-coded literals. To do that, use Not requiring internationalization annotation.

To ignore a certain hard-coded literal
  1. Press Alt+EnterAlt+EnterAlt+EnterAlt+EnterAlt+EnterAlt+EnterAlt+EnterAlt+EnterAlt+Enter, Shift+Alt+J or Ctrl+Shift+MAlt EnterAlt EnterCommand 1 to show intention actions for the string literal:


  2. Select Annotate as @NonNls from the suggestion list.
  3. In the Select Path dialog that opens, specify the location where annotations.xml file will be stored.

Alternatively, you can add @NonNls annotation:


If you have selected the check box Do not show this dialog in the future, you can still choose annotation style in the Settings dialog (Code Style | Java - Code Generation).

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