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Build Configuration
Ant Build Tool Window
Phing Build Tool Window
Building Class Hierarchy
Build Configuration page for a Flash module
Importing Adobe Flash Builder Projects
Controlling Behavior of Ant Script with Build File Properties
Adding Build File to Project
Build File Properties
Building Call Hierarchy
Building, Running and Debugging Flex Applications
Building ActionScript and Flex Applications
Compiler and Builder
Running Builds
Generating Ant Build File
Executing Build File in Background
Managing Phing Build Targets
Creating Ant Build File
Reviewing Compilation and Build Results
Generate Ant Build
Replace Constructor with Builder Dialog
Customizing Build Execution by Configuring Properties Externally
Build Process
Creating a List of Phing Build Files
Replace Constructor with Builder
Building Method Hierarchy
Executing Ant Target
Import Project from Flash Builder. Page 1
Import Project from Flash Builder. Page 2
Configuring Triggers for Ant Build Target
Build Tools
Running the Build
Defining Runtime Properties
Creating and Running Your First Java Application
Mobile Build Settings Tab
Enabling Phing Support
Increasing Memory Heap
Dependencies tab
Run/Debug Configuration: Flash App
Package AIR Application Dialog
Defining Ant Execution Options
Associating Ant Target with Keyboard Shortcut
Viewing Hierarchies
Phing Settings Dialog
Testing Flex and ActionScript Applications
Defining Ant Filters
General tab
Maven Projects Tool Window
Defining Additional Ant Classpath
New Project from Scratch. Android Page
Run/Debug Configuration: Maven
General Usage
Configuring Artifacts
Using Phing
Import Project from Maven. Page 1
Run/Debug Configuration: FlexUnit
Maven. Ignored Files
Edit Android Platform Dialog
Running Applications
ActionScript, Flex and AIR
Run/Debug Configuration: Flash Remote Debug
Android Facet Page
Importing Project from Gradle Model
Compilation Types
Import Project. Select Model
Compiler Options tab
Generate Signed APK Wizard
Retaining Hierarchy Tabs
Viewing Offline Inspections Results
Resource Files
Adding and Editing Layout Components Using Android UI Designer
Sharing Android Source Code and Resources Using Library Projects
Generating a Signed APK Through an Artifact
Activating and Deactivating Maven Profiles
JavaScript-Specific Guidelines
Making Forms Functional
Populating Your GUI Form
Maven. Importing
Components Treeview
Preparing for ActionScript, Flex or AIR application development
Content Root
Managing File Sets
Compiler. Validation
Dependencies Tab
Welcome Screen
GWT Facet Page
Output Layout Tab
Pre-Processing Tab
Tool Windows Reference
Checking In Files
Generating Signed and Unsigned Android Application Packages
Supported Languages
Import Project from Gradle. Page 2
Import Project from Maven. Page 2
PSI Viewer
Import Module from External Model. Select Model
New Project from Scratch. Maven Settings Page
Plugin Deployment Tab
Creating Project
Importing Project
Post-Processing Tab
Hierarchy Tool Window
Commit Changes Dialog
Select Android Virtual Device Dialog
Components of the GUI Designer
Components Properties
Properties Files
Creating and Editing Flex Application Elements
Packaging AIR Applications
Familiarize Yourself with IDE Navigation
Supported Module Types
Creating Form Initialization Code

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