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Editor. Colors and Fonts
File Colors
Changing Color Values in Style Sheets
File Status Highlights
Configuring Colors and Fonts
Configuring Gradle Color Code
Add / Edit Color Label Dialog
Color Picker
Configuring Inspection Severities
Error Highlighting
Setting Component Properties
Editor. Appearance
DSM Tool Window
XPath Viewer
JetGradle Tool Window
Components Properties
Syntax Highlighting
Working with Annotations
Viewing Changes as Diagram
Test Runner Tab
Configuring Code Coverage Measurement
Checking Perforce Project Status
Add / Edit Pattern Dialog
Project and IDE Settings
Using Change Markers to View and Navigate Through Changes in the Editor
Viewing Details of Changes
Comparing Folders
Comparing Deployed Files and Folders with Their Local Versions
Morphing Components
Differences Viewer
Show History for File / Selection Dialog
Duplicates Tool Window
Code Inspection
Highlighting Usages
TODO Example
Creating and Registering File Types
Log Tab
Creating and Editing Properties Files
Navigating to Class, File or Symbol by Name
Supported Languages
Run/Debug Configuration: Node JS
Configuring Project Settings
Version Control
Project Tool Window
Using TODO
Viewing Code Coverage Results
Viewing File Status
Checking Git Project Status
Checking SVN Project Status

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