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Changes Tool Window
Commit Changes Dialog
Refactoring Source Code
Local Tab
Viewing Changes as Diagram
Committing Changes to a Local Git Repository
Integrating Changes To/From Feature Branches
Stashing and Unstashing Changes
Checking In Files
Unstash Changes Dialog
Viewing Details of Changes
Browsing Changes
Viewing Recent Changes
Pull Changes Dialog
Applying Changes from a Specific Commit to Other Branches (Cherry Picking)
Using Change Markers to View and Navigate Through Changes in the Editor
Local, Repository, and Incoming Changes
Unshelve Changes Dialog
Shelved Changes
Filtering Out and Removing Unshelved Changes
Viewing Changes Made by Other Team Members
Reverting Local Changes
Synchronizing Changes in Gradle Project and IntelliJ IDEA Project
Unshelving Changes
Pulling Changes from the Upstream (Git Pull)
Pushing Changes to the Upstream (Git Push)
Shelving Changes
Integrating Changes to Branch
Rollback Actions With Regards to File Status
Shelving and Unshelving Changes
Local History
Viewing Changes Information
Fetching Changes from a Remote Git Repository
Restoring Unshelved Changes
Saving and Reverting Changes
Undoing and Redoing Changes
Pulling Changes from the Upstream (Pull)
Repository and Incoming Tabs
Shelve Changes Dialog
Working with Annotations
Attaching and Detaching Perforce Jobs to Changelists
Git Push Dialog
Moving Items Between Changelists in the Changes Tool Window
Pushing Changes to the Upstream (Push)
Recent Changes Dialog
Revert Changes Dialog
Resolving Conflicts
Viewing Changes History for a File or Selection
Viewing Local History of a File or Folder
Changes Browser
Integrating Files and Changelists from the Changes Tool Window
Navigating to Issues
Switching Between Working Directories
Build Configuration
Checking out (Switching Between Branches)
Refreshing Status
Applying Patches
Previewing Output of Layout Definition Files
Comparing File Versions
Refactoring Android XML Layout Files
Show History for Folder Dialog
Safe Delete
Specifying Actions to Confirm
Merging, Deleting, and Comparing Branches
Show History for File / Selection Dialog
Update Project Dialog (Git)
Introduce Parameter in Java
Adding Files to a Local Git Repository
Adding Files To a Local Mercurial Repository
Integrating SVN Projects or Directories
Copying, Renaming and Moving Files
Deleting a Changelist
Working Offline
Checking Out Files from Subversion Repository
Checking Out from TFS Repository
Log Tab
Checking Out Files from CVS Repository
Integrating Perforce Files
Creating and Editing Relationships Between Domain Classes
Updating a Running Java EE Application
Change Signature Dialogs
Apply Patch Dialog
Extract Variable
Resolving Text Conflicts
Change Method Signature in ActionScript
Uploading and Downloading Files
Creating and Registering File Types
CVS Tool Window
Reset Head Dialog
Push Dialog
Integrate File Dialog (Perforce)
Integrate to Branch
Quick Edit Language
Adding Files to Version Control
Configuring CVS Roots
Resetting Head Commit
Handling Modified Without Checkout Files
Checking Perforce Project Status
Configuring Subversion Branches
Creating Branches and Tags
Using the Push ITDs In refactoring
Creating Griffon Application Module
Creating Module with Groovy Support
Extract Variable in JavaScript
Extract Variable for SASS
Manipulating Table Data in the Table Editor
Comparing Deployed Files and Folders with Their Local Versions
Differences Viewer for Folders and DB Objects
Rename Dialogs
JetGradle Tool Window
Pull Dialog
Create Patch Dialog
Configuring Inspection Severities
Disabling Intention Actions
Creating and Editing Search Templates
Enabling, Disabling and Removing Breakpoints
Convert to Instance Method
Encapsulate Fields
Extract Interface
Generify Refactoring
Invert Boolean
Deleting Files from the Repository
Resolving Commit Errors
Setting Up a Local Git Repository
Setting Up a Local Mercurial Repository
Resolving Conflicts with Perforce Integration
Cleaning Up Local Working Copy
Configuring Format of the Local Working Copy
TFS Check-in Policies
Running Command Line Tool Commands
Activating and Deactivating Maven Profiles
Managing File Sets
Creating Form Initialization Code
Viewing Members in Diagram
Differences Viewer
Type Migration Preview
Rebasing Commits Dialog
Switch Working Directory Dialog
Lock File Dialog (Subversion)
Select Target Changelist Dialog
Diagram Preview
Viewing Differences Between the Local and Remote Files
What's New
Navigating Through the Source Code
Structural Search and Replace
Using TODO
Change Method Signature in Java
Wrap Return Value
Restoring a File from Local History
Handling Differences
Integrating Differences
Creating Issue Patterns
Grouping Changelist Items by Folder
Using CVS Watches
Interactive Rebase
Browsing Subversion Repository
Locking and Unlocking Files and Folders
Designing Layout of Android Application
Change Signature in JavaScript
Using Distributed Configuration Files (.htaccess)
Working with Spring Roo Console
File Cache Conflict
Change Class Signature Dialog
Move Class Dialog
Creating and Running Your First Java Application
Settings Dialog
Code Style Schemes
Changelist Conflicts
Application Servers
Struts Tab
Update Info Tab
Merge Branches Dialog
Designer Tool Window
XPath and XSLT Support
DSM Analysis
Code Inspection
Extract Constant
Extract Field
Move Refactorings
Rename Refactorings
Extract Parameter in JavaScript
Types of Breakpoints
New Action Dialog
Change Signature Dialog for ActionScript
Change Signature Dialog for JavaScript
Inline Dialogs
Move Inner to Upper Level Dialog for ActionScript
Safe Delete Dialog
GUI Designer
Editor. Appearance
Insert, Delete and Navigation Keys
IDETalk Options Dialog
Rebase Branches Dialog
Stash Dialog
Check Out From Subversion Dialog
Import into Subversion
Select Branch
SVN Repositories
Update Project Dialog (Subversion)
Inline Android Style Dialog
Generating and Updating Copyright Notice
Extract Superclass
Viewing Local History of Source Code
Creating a New Changelist
Building ActionScript and Flex Applications
Running JavaScript Unit Tests in Browser
Working with Diagrams
Testing RESTful Web Services
Analyze Stacktrace Dialog
PSI Viewer
Extract Constant Dialog
Extract Interface Dialog
Extract Superclass Dialog
Select Path Dialog
Code Style
Code Style. HTML
Maven. Repositories
Editor. Colors and Fonts
File Templates
Menus and Toolbars
Browse Repositories Dialog
Dependencies tab
Tool Windows Reference
Android Layout Preview Tool Window
Debug Tool Window
Export Threads
Debug Tool Window. Watches
Find Tool Window
Hierarchy Tool Window
Project Tool Window
Roo Console Tool Window
Run Tool Window
Deployment Console
Check Out From CVS Dialog
Update Directory / Update File Dialog (CVS)
Checkout Dialog
Edit Jobs Linked to Changelist Dialog
Update Project Dialog (Perforce)
Integrate Project Dialog (Subversion)
Subversion Working Copies Information Tab
New Changelist Dialog
Rename Entity Bean
Rename Servlet
Status Bar
General Techniques of Using Diagrams
Regular Expression Syntax Reference
Project and IDE Settings
Closing Files in the Editor
Navigating Between IDE Components
Finding and Replacing Text in File
Inspecting Watched Items
Change Class Signature
Using Local History
Configuring Ignored Files
ActionScript, Flex and AIR
Configuring a DDL Data Source
Accessing Files on Remote Hosts

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