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JavaScript-Specific Guidelines
Unit Testing JavaScript
Creating Persistence Units
Running JavaScript Unit Tests in Browser
Run/Debug Configuration: PHPUnit on Server
Creating JavaScript Unit Tests
JavaScript. Libraries
Debugging JavaScript
Enabling JavaScript Unit Testing Support
Configuring JavaScript Libraries
Testing PHP Applications
Run/Debug Configuration: PHPUnit
Configuring a Debugging Engine
Running and Debugging
Performing Tests
Enabling PHPUnit Support
Creating Tests
Test Runner Tab
Starting the Debugger Session
Configuring JavaScript Debugger
Run/Debug Configuration: JavaScript Debug
Unit Testing Node.JS
Creating Elements in Persistence Units
PHP Debugging Session
Documentation Look-up in External JavaScript Libraries
JavaScript. Usage Scope
Monitoring Code Coverage for JavaScript
Monitoring and Managing Tests
Generating PHPUnit Test Class
Extract Variable in JavaScript
Run/Debug Configuration: JSTestDriver
Building, Running and Debugging Flex Applications
Run/Debug Configuration: JUnit
Extract Parameter in JavaScript
Debugging PHP Applications
Testing Android Applications
Creating Run/Debug Configuration for Tests
Running and Debugging Node.js
Running and Debugging Groovy Scripts
Multiuser Debugging via XDebug Proxies
Play Framework
Debugger. JavaScript
Viewing JavaScript Reference
Terminating Tests
Testing Flex and ActionScript Applications
Grouping Tests
Run/Debug Configuration: NodeUnit
Debugging a PHP HTTP Request
Running Cucumber Tests
Rerunning Tests
Running and Debugging Android Applications
Debugging with Logcat
Creating Groovy Tests and Navigating to Tests
Change Signature in JavaScript
Using JavaScript Code Quality Tools
Language Injection Settings: Generic JavaScript
Extract Parameter Dialog for JavaScript
Running and Debugging
Running and Debugging Grails Applications
Generate Skeleton PHPUnit Test Case Dialog
Change Signature Dialog for JavaScript
Code Style. JavaScript
Running and Debugging Plugins
Monitoring Code Coverage for PHP Applications
JSTestDriver Server Tool Window
General Usage
Configuring XDebug
Creating Run/Debug Configuration for Application Server
ActionScript, Flex and AIR
Creating Relationships in Entities
Configuring Folders Within a Content Root
Enabling Android Support
Testing Grails Applications
Debug Tool Window
Viewing and Exploring Test Results
Usage Examples
Run/Debug Configuration: Node JS
Creating a PHP Web Application Debug Configuration
Run/Debug Configuration: TestNG
Project Library and Global Library Pages
Configuring Debugger Options
Analyzing XDebug Profiling Data
Enabling JPA Support
Types of Breakpoints
Updating a Running Java EE Application
Supported Languages
Run/Debug Configuration: Google AppEngine Dev Server
Run/Debug Configuration: Grails
Run/Debug Configuration: JSR45 Compatible Server
Run/Debug Configuration: Node JS Remote Debug
Run/Debug Configuration: PHP Remote Debug
Run/Debug Configuration: PHP Script
JPA Console Tool Window
Profiling the Performance of a PHP Application
Creating Fields in Persistence Entities
Navigating to Underlying Code
Testing Frameworks
Extract Variable Dialog
Run/Debug Configuration: Android Test
Run/Debug Configuration: PHP Web Application
Enabling PHP support
Uploading and Downloading Files
Run/Debug Configuration: Flash App
Skipped Paths
Phing Build Tool Window
Configuring Project and Global Libraries
Code Inspection
Navigating Between Methods and Tags
Running with Coverage
CoffeeScript Support
Configuring PHP Development Environment
Enabling Profiling with XDebug
Enabling Profiling with Zend Debugger
Run/Debug Configuration: OSGi Bundles
Run/Debug Configuration: Remote
DBGp Proxy
Debugger. Stepping
Live Edit
Android Tool Window
Edit Relationship
Import Database Schema / Import Mappings
Generate Signed APK Wizard
Creating Method Breakpoints
Extract Variable
Attaching the Debugger to a Running Process
Executing Maven Goal
RESTful WebServices
New Project from Scratch. Android Page
Evaluate Expression
Override Server Path Mappings Dialog
Run/Debug Configuration: Android Application
Run/Debug Configuration: FlexUnit
Run/Debug Configuration: J2ME
Run/Debug Configuration: MXUnit
Run/Debug Configuration: PHP HTTP Request
Configuring Keyboard Shortcuts
Run/Debug Configuration: Plugin
Code Quality Tools
GWT Facet Page
Menus and Toolbars
Add Relationship
Quick Edit Language
%product% Tool Windows
What's New
Configuring Breakpoints
Creating Field Watchpoints
Creating Line Breakpoints
Pausing and Resuming the Debugger Session
Reloading Classes
Code Coverage
Extract Include File
Choosing the Target Device Manually
Managing Virtual Devices
Generating an APK in the Debug Mode
Previewing Compiled CoffeeScript Files
Object-Relational Mapping (EJB, Hibernate and JPA)
Analyzing Zend Debugger Profiling Data
Plugin Development Guidelines
Using JPA Console
Generating Persistence Mappings
Struts 2
Run/Debug Configuration: Maven
Maven. Runner
Function Keys
Persistence Tool Window
Structure Tool Window
XPath Expression Evaluation
Configuring Code Coverage Measurement
Rename Refactorings
Creating JSDoc Comments
PHP-Specific Guidelines
Import Project from Gradle. Page 2
Create Jar from Modules Dialog
Breakpoints Icons and Statuses
Extract Method Dialog
Rename Dialogs
GUI Designer
Language Injection Settings Dialog: XML Tag
Edit Template Variables Dialog
Web Browsers
Hibernate and JPA Facet Pages
Output Layout Tab
Duplicates Tool Window
Maven Projects Tool Window
Configuring Content Roots
Analyzing External Stacktraces
Viewing Inline Documentation
Using Language Injections
Navigating to Declaration or Type Declaration of a Symbol
Generating Signed and Unsigned Android Application Packages
Supported Module Types
Content Root
Working with Diagrams
Run/Debug Configuration
Code Duplication Analysis Settings
PSI Viewer
Edit Log Files Aliases Dialog
Compiler. Java Compiler
Compiler. RMI Compiler
Framework Integration
Version Control
Guided Tour Around %product% User Interface
Debugger. Data Views
Debugger. Groovy
New File Type
Android Tab
Debug Tool Window. Frames
Customize Data Views
Creating Module from Scratch
Apply EJB 3.0 Style
File Types Recognized by %product%
IntelliLang Configuration
Surrounding Blocks of Code with Language Constructs
Unwrapping and Removing Statements
Defining Scope-Profile Combination
Monitoring the Debug Information
Checking In Files
Enabling EJB Support
Developing GWT Components
Viewing Inline Documentation
JavaScript-Specific Refactorings
Profiling with XDebug
Profiling with Zend Debugger

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