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Accessing Module Settings
Configuring Module Dependencies and Libraries
Importing Project from Gradle Model
Grouping Modules
Module Page
Creating New Project from Scratch
External Tools
External Annotations
Creating Module from Scratch
Web Module Editor
Module Dependencies Tool Window
Importing Project from Maven Model
Import Module from External Model. Select Model
Importing Existing Modules
Import Module from External Model
Add Module Wizard
Creating Files from Templates
Using the AspectJ Compiler (ajc)
Add Module. Main Settings
Create Jar from Modules Dialog
Configuring Third-Party Tools
Import Project from Existing Sources. Module Structure Page
Using External Annotations
Create Module from Existing Sources. Module Structure Page
Importing Project from Existing Source Code
Documentation Look-up in External JavaScript Libraries
Preparing for ActionScript, Flex or AIR application development
Excluding Files and Folders from Deployment
Creating Module with Groovy Support
Editing Module with EJB Facet
Enabling Android Support
Import Project from Existing Sources. Project Name and Location
Importing Adobe Flash Builder Projects
New Project from Scratch. Android Page
Analyzing Module Dependencies
Enabling JSF Support
New Project from Scratch. Project Name, Location and Format
How It Works
Creating a Module with a GWT Facet
Module Page for a Flash Module
Creating Grails Application Module
Checkout from TFS Wizard
Creating Java Module
Creating a Module with a Dedicated Struts Facet
New Project from Scratch. Maven Page
Maven. Importing
Configuring Module Compiler Output
Generate Java Code from WSDL or WADL Dialog
Creating Maven Module
Creating Modules
Deleting Modules
Sharing Android Source Code and Resources Using Library Projects
Creating Module from Existing Source Code
Importing Eclipse Project to %product%
Creating a Module with a Dedicated Struts 2 Facet
EJB Module Editor - EJB Relationships
New Project from Scratch. Flash Page
Build Configuration page for a Flash module
Configuring Modules with Seam Support
Adding a Struts Facet to a Module
Import Project from Gradle. Page 2
Creating Griffon Application Module
Create Module from Scratch. Module Name, Location and Type
Creating a GWT Module
New Project. Main Settings
Create Module from Scratch
Create Module from Scratch. Sources Page
Create Module from Existing Sources
Create Module from Existing Sources. Source Roots Page
Create Module from Existing Sources. Libraries Page
Paths Tab
Importing Existing Module
Supported Module Types
Exporting and Importing Settings
Check Out From Subversion Dialog
Importing a Local Directory to CVS Repository
Build Configuration
Exporting %product% Project to Eclipse
New Project from Scratch. Technologies Page
Creating Mobile Module
Populating Web Module
Importing Project
Packaging a Module into a JAR File
Enabling EJB Support
Testing Android Applications
New Project from Scratch. SDK Page
EJB Module Editor - General
Checking Out Files from Subversion Repository
Play Framework
Enabling Spring Support
New Project from Scratch. Mobile SDK Specific Options Page
Creating Modules with Groovy and Groovy-Based Frameworks Support
Enabling JPA Support
Adding a Struts 2 Facet to a Module
External Diff Tools
Configuring Module Roots
Adding a GWT Facet to a Module
Customizing Build Execution by Configuring Properties Externally
Creating and Managing Modules
Check Out From CVS Dialog
Generate Java from Xml Schema using JAXB Dialog
Enabling Hibernate Support
Extract Module Dialog
Project Tool Window
Generate Java Code from XML Schema using XmlBeans Dialog
New Project from Scratch. Grails Page
New Project from Scratch. Griffon Page
New Project from Scratch. Maven Settings Page
EJB Module Editor - Transaction Attributes
Generate WSDL from Java Dialog
Generate XML Schema From Java Using JAXB Dialog
Generate Instance Document from Schema Dialog
Generate Schema from Instance Document Dialog
Making Module
Restoring a File from Local History
Checking Out Files from CVS Repository
Applying Changes from a Specific Commit to Other Branches (Cherry Picking)
Working with %product% Features from Command Line
Enabling Web Service Development Support Through a Dedicated Facet
Editing Module Dependencies on Diagram
Enabling an Extra WS Engine in a Web Services Module
Configuring Project and Global Libraries
Creating and Importing Data Sources
Enabling Web Application Support
Dependencies Tab
Enabling Java EE Application Support
Available Facets and Their Dependencies
Enabling an Extra WS Engine (Web Service Client Module)
Import Project from Eclipse. Page 1
Import Project from Maven. Page 1
Exporting Information From Subversion Repository
Generating Java Code from XML Schema
Adding WS Libraries to a Web Service Client Module Manually
Adding WS Libraries to a Web Service Module Manually
Import Project or Module Wizard
EJB Module Editor
Configuring Global, Project and Module SDKs
Processing Order
Import Project. Select Model
Import Project from Flash Builder. Page 1
Import Project from Flash Builder. Page 2
Directory-Based Versioning Model
Importing %product% Settings on First Launch
Mobile Module Settings Tab
Set Up a New Project
Viewing External Documentation
Downloading Libraries from Maven Repositories
Compiling Target
Content Root
Analyzing External Stacktraces
Import Project from Eclipse. Page 2
DSM Tool Window
Web Module Editor - Assembly Descriptor References
Importing a Local Directory to Subversion Repository
Using Framework Model View Controller
Navigating from .feature File to Step Definition
Deleting Node Elements from Diagram
Enabling Web Service Client Development Support Through a Dedicated Facet
Generating WSDL Document from Java Code
Import Project from Existing Sources. Source Roots Page
Import Project from Existing Sources. Libraries Page
Import Project from Existing Sources. Facets Page
Import Project from Gradle. Page 1
Import Project from Maven. Page 2
Import Project from Maven. Page 3
Import Project from Maven. Page 4
Checkout from TFS Wizard: Checkout Mode
Checkout from TFS Wizard: Source Server
Checkout from TFS Wizard: Choose Source and Destination Paths
Checkout from TFS Wizard: Source Workspace
Checkout from TFS Wizard: Choose Source Path
Checkout from TFS Wizard: Summary
New Project from Scratch
New Project from Scratch. Sources Page
Import Project from Existing Sources
Creating and Running Your First Java Application
Android Facet Page
Output Layout Tab
EJB Tool Window
EJB Module Editor - Method Permissions
Excluding Files from Project
Web Module Editor - General
Web Module Editor - Assembly Descriptor
Web Module Editor - Servlet Initialization Parameters
Web Module Editor - Filter Mappings
Web Module Editor - Context Parameters
Web Module Editor - Servlet Mappings
Excluding Classes from Auto-Import
Navigating from Stacktrace to Source Code
Configuring Compiler Settings
Navigating to Source Code from the Debug Tool Window
Deleting Files from the Repository
Fetching Changes from a Remote Git Repository
Cloning a Repository from GitHub
Pulling Changes from the Upstream (Git Pull)
Pulling Changes from the Upstream (Pull)
Integrating Files and Changelists from the Changes Tool Window
Checking Out from TFS Repository
Creating Grails Application from Existing Code
Generating Instance Document From XML Schema
Generating XML Schema From Instance Document
Generating Xml Schema From Java Code
Viewing Table Data from the Data Sources Tool Window
Running Injected SQL Statements from the Editor
Run/Debug Configuration: JUnit
Run/Debug Configuration: TestNG
Running Command Line Tool Commands
Path Variables
Working with Diagrams
Enabling Tapestry Support
Framework Integration
Struts Framework
Struts 2
Creating and Configuring Web Application Elements
Developing RESTful Web Services
Annotation Processors Support
Creating Project
Configuring Groovy-Based Frameworks
Enabling Struts 2 Support
Web Tool Window
Managing File Sets
Seam Tool Window
GWT Facet Page
Creating Run/Debug Configuration for Application Server
Viewing Changes as Diagram
Generating Client-Side XML-Java Binding
Edit Tool Dialog
Sources Tab
Configuring Project Compiler Output
Developing GWT Components
Viewing Seam Components
Creating and Deleting Web Application Elements - General Steps
Compiler: Flex Compiler
OSGi Facet Page
CDI Tool Window
Java EE: App Tool Window
Building ActionScript and Flex Applications
Enabling Struts Support
Specifying Assembly Descriptor References
Build Process
Web Services
Adding and Removing Facets
Configuring Annotation Processing
Creating Session Factory
Enabling Cucumber Support in Project
Compiler and Builder
Run/Debug Configuration: Grails
Compiler Options tab
Import Data Sources Dialog
Persistence Tool Window
Managing Facets
Import Eclipse Workspace
Run Configurations
Basic Code Completion. Completing Names and Keywords
Enabling GWT Support
Defining Seam Navigation Rules
Defining Pageflow
RESTful WebServices
Compilation Types
Run/Debug Configuration: XSLT
Bean Validation Facet Page
CDI Facet Page
JSF Facet Page
Struts 2 Facet Page
Web Services Facet Page
Web Services Client Facet Page
Scope Language Syntax Reference
Analyzing Backward Dependencies
Compiling Applications
Creating an Entry Point
Creating Persistence Units
Compiler. Annotation Processors
Output Filters Dialog
Mobile Build Settings Tab
AspectJ Facet Page
Web, EJB and Java EE Application Facet Pages
Finding and Replacing Text in Project
Setting Up a Local Mercurial Repository
Generating an Unsigned APK
Viewing Diagram
Configuring Browsers
Run/Debug Configuration: Applet
Add Filter Dialog
Project Library and Global Library Pages
Saving Project as Template
Dependency Viewer
Edit File Set
Generate GWT Compile Report Dialog
IntelliLang Configuration
Tapestry View
File Associations
What's New
DSM Analysis
Setting Up a Local Git Repository
Running Grails Targets
Configuring JavaScript Libraries
GUI Designer Basics
Web Applications
Web Service Clients
Configure Library Dialog
Run/Debug Configuration: GWT
Run/Debug Configuration: J2ME
Schemas and DTDs
Plugin Deployment Tab
Import into CVS
Delete Attribute
Unwrap Tag
Wrap Tag
Viewing Inline Documentation
Accessing the CVS Roots Dialog Box
Handling Modified Without Checkout Files
Synchronizing Changes in Gradle Project and IntelliJ IDEA Project
Working with Maven Dependencies
Working with Application Servers
Creating and Editing Faces Configuration
Preparing Plugins for Publishing
Configuring Libraries of UI Components
Adding Node Elements to Diagram
Creating Node Elements and Members
Configuring Web Application Deployment
Enabling Web Service Client Development Support
Enabling Web Service Development Support
File Cache Conflict
Type Migration Preview
Run/Debug Configuration: Android Test
Run/Debug Configuration: Plugin
Compiler. Java Compiler
Maven. Runner
Application Servers
Welcome Screen
Web Resource Directory Path Dialog
SDKs. Flexmojos SDK
Debug Tool Window. Dump
Griffon Tool Window
Maven Projects Tool Window
Phing Settings Dialog
Struts Assistant Tool Window
Import into Subversion
Set Property Dialog (Subversion)
Adding Frameworks Support
Web Service References
Resource References
Enable Web Services Support Dialog
Edit Android Platform Dialog
%product% vs Eclipse Terminology
%product% vs NetBeans Terminology
Analyzing Duplicates
Configuring Testing Libraries
Using Local History
Changing Read-Only Status of Files
Configuring Global CVS Settings
Generating Ant Build File
Creating Grails Application Elements
Working with Grails Plugins
Running and Debugging Groovy Scripts
Creating a Remote Service
GWT Sample Application Overview
Object-Relational Mapping (EJB, Hibernate and JPA)
Creating a Project for Plugin Development
Viewing PSI Structure
Relational Databases
Mapping by Database Schema
Mapping to EJB
Opening JPA or Hibernate ER Diagram
Navigating to Underlying Code
Managing Struts Elements
Managing Struts 2 Elements
Generating Accessor Methods for Fields Bound to Data
Analyze Stacktrace Dialog
Generate Ant Build
Local History
Run/Debug Configuration: Android Application
Run/Debug Configuration: Groovy
Run/Debug Configuration: OSGi Bundles
Select Path Dialog
Project Structure Dialog
Optional MIDP Settings Dialog
Hibernate and JPA Facet Pages
Edit Application Context Dialog
Libraries and Global Libraries
Function Keys
Database Tool Window
Find Tool Window
JSF Tool Window
Configuring Project Structure
Package AIR Application Dialog
Replace Attribute With Tag
Replace Tag With Attribute
Add Attribute
Add Subtag
Move Attribute In
Move Attribute Out
Change Attribute Value
Convert Contents To Attribute
Delete Tag
Wrap Tag Contents
XPath Search
Extracting Hard-Coded String Literals
Starting the Debugger Session
Building, Running and Debugging Flex Applications
CoffeeScript Support
Viewing Images
File Templates
Types of Breakpoints
Extract Constant Dialog
Move Class Dialog
Run/Debug Configuration: Flash Remote Debug
Run/Debug Configuration: Node JS
General tab
Dependencies tab
Repository and Incoming Tabs
Thumbnails Tool Window
CVS Roots Dialog
SVN Checkout Options Dialog
Commit Changes Dialog
Configuring Content Roots
Annotating Source Code
Creating Tests
Creating Run/Debug Configuration for Tests
Rename Refactorings
Browsing CVS Repository
Linking Gradle Project
JavaScript-Specific Guidelines
Data Sources
Configuring Static Content Resources
Defining the Servlet Element
Defining the Filter Element
Defining the Filter Mapping Element
Testing RESTful Web Services
Temporary and Permanent Run/Debug Configurations
Build File Properties
Create Test
Downloading Options dialog
Play Configuration Dialog
Copy Dialog
Run/Debug Configuration: JSR45 Compatible Server
Code Style. Java
Copyright Profiles
Language Injections
XSLT File Associations
Macros Dialog
Web Browsers
SDKs. Java
SDKs. %product%
SDKs. Mobile
Advanced Editing
Tool Windows Reference
Run Tool Window
Test Runner Tab
Play Framework (Play Console)
TODO Tool Window
File Status Highlights
Apply EJB 3.0 Style
Change EJB Classes Dialog
EJB Relationship Properties
Import Database Schema / Import Mappings
Faces Config Structure - Navigation Rule
Spring Dependencies Diagram
Expose Class As Web Service Dialog
Monitor SOAP Messages Dialog
File Types Recognized by %product%
Project and IDE Settings
XPath and XSLT Support
Creating Directories
Dependencies Analysis
Familiarize Yourself with %product% Editor
Creating Own Inspections
Viewing Reference Information
Creating and Editing Run/Debug Configurations
Refactoring Source Code
Configuring CVS Roots
ActionScript, Flex and AIR
Creating a Library for aspectjrt.jar
Creating EJB
Configuring and Managing Application Server Integration
Viewing JavaScript Reference
Referencing DTD or Schema
Configuring a DDL Data Source
Accessing Data Sources via the Database Console

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