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Configure Subversion Branches
Rebase Branches Dialog
Git Branches in Multirooted Projects
Configuring Subversion Branches
Merging, Deleting, and Comparing Branches
Select Branch
Integrating Changes To/From Feature Branches
Pushing Changes to the Upstream (Git Push)
Merge Branches Dialog
Checking out (Switching Between Branches)
Applying Changes from a Specific Commit to Other Branches (Cherry Picking)
Working with Tags and Branches
Git Push Dialog
Rebasing Branches
Creating Branches and Tags
Enabling Integration with an Issue Tracking System
Accessing Git Branches Popup Menu
Managing Branches
Create Branch or Tag Dialog (Subversion)
Managing Your Project Favorites
Managing Plugins
Managing Enterprise Plugin Repositories
Integrate to Branch
Managing Struts Elements
Creating a New Branch
Applying a Branch Entirely on Top of Master
Rebasing a Branch to a Specific Commit
Repository and Incoming Tabs
Log Tab
Managing Spring Configuration Files
Managing File Sets
Integrating Changes to Branch
Managing Tasks and Context
Checkout Dialog
Managing Editor Tabs
Managing Bookmarks
Comparing With Branch
Managing Resources
Managing Struts Elements - General Steps
Update Directory / Update File Dialog (CVS)
Pull Changes Dialog
Managing Deployed Web Services
Creating and Managing Projects
Creating and Managing Modules
Integrate to Branch Info View
Managing Facets
Managing User Groups
Monitoring and Managing Tests
Managing Code Coverage Suites
Managing Changelists
Viewing and Managing Integration Status
Creating and Managing TFS Workspaces
Managing Virtual Devices
Configuring and Managing Application Server Integration
Managing Phing Build Targets
Managing Tiles
Managing Validators
Managing Struts 2 Elements
Updating Local Information in CVS
Stashing and Unstashing Changes
Adding Tags
Viewing and Fast Processing of Changelists
Push Rejected Dialog (Git)
Integrate File Dialog (Perforce)
Issue Navigation
Creating Issue Patterns
Defining the Set of Changelists to Display
Viewing the GitHub Version of a File
Interactive Rebase
Integrating Perforce Files
Update Project Dialog (Subversion)
Pushing Changes to the Upstream (Push)
Struts Assistant Tool Window
Unstash Changes Dialog
Integrate Project Dialog (Subversion)
%product% Tool Windows
File Associations
Switching Between Working Directories
Local History
Push Dialog
Reporting Issues and Sharing Your Feedback
Configuring Third-Party Tools
SDKs. Flex
Commander Tool Window
Perforce Options Dialog
Subversion Working Copies Information Tab
Configuring Module Dependencies and Libraries
Comparing File Versions
Integrating Differences
Resolving Conflicts
Resetting Head Commit
Browsing Subversion Repository
Creating Maven Module
Defining Navigation Rules
Application Servers
Favorites Tool Window
Reset Head Dialog
Check Out From Subversion Dialog
Import into Subversion
SVN Repositories
Working Offline
Compiler Options tab
Stash Dialog
Tag Dialog
Update Project Dialog (Git)
Switch Working Directory Dialog
Code Coverage
Breakpoints Icons and Statuses
Changelist Conflicts
Project Library and Global Library Pages
History Tab
Import into CVS
Rebasing Commits Dialog
Select Repository Location Dialog (Subversion)
File Status Highlights
General Techniques of Using Diagrams
Change Method Signature in Java
Pulling Changes from the Upstream (Git Pull)
Supported Module Types
Remote Hosts

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