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PHP-Specific Guidelines
Enabling PHPUnit Support
Run/Debug Configuration: PHPUnit on Server
Run/Debug Configuration: PHPUnit
Testing PHP Applications
Run/Debug Configuration: PHP Web Application
Configuring PHP Development Environment
Enabling PHP support
Using PHP Code Sniffer Tool
Run/Debug Configuration: PHP Script
PHP Built-In Web Server
Monitoring Code Coverage for PHP Applications
Generate Skeleton PHPUnit Test Case Dialog
Generating PHPUnit Test Class
Run/Debug Configuration: PHP Built-in Web Server
Creating PHP Documentation Comments
Run/Debug Configuration: PHP HTTP Request
Debugging a PHP HTTP Request
Creating a PHP Web Application Debug Configuration
PHP-Specific Command Line Tools
Deploying PHP Applications
PHP Debugging Session
Running PHP Applications
Code Style. PHP
Run/Debug Configuration: PHP Remote Debug
Configuring XDebug
Language Injection Settings: Generic PHP
Debugging PHP Applications
Profiling the Performance of a PHP Application
Enabling Profiling with XDebug
Installing Components Separately
Multiuser Debugging via XDebug Proxies
Navigating with Breadcrumbs
Structure Tool Window
Creating Files from Templates
Extract Method Dialog
Configuring Include Paths
Command Line Tool Support
Uploading and Downloading Files
Configuring Zend Debugger
Profiling with XDebug
Profiling with Zend Debugger
Viewing HTML Source Code of a Web Page in the Editor
Code Sniffer
Importing Project from Existing Source Code
Phing Build Tool Window
Basic Code Completion. Completing Names and Keywords
Code Inspection
Installing an AMP Package
Grouping Tests
Enabling Profiling with Zend Debugger
Import Project from Existing Sources. Project Name and Location
DBGp Proxy
Configuring a Debugging Engine
Enabling a Command Line Tool
Creating a List of Phing Build Files
Testing Frameworks
Types of Breakpoints
Skeleton Generator
File Types Recognized by %product%
Viewing Inline Documentation
Editor. Auto Import
Creating Imports
Supported Languages
Working with Diagrams
Code Duplication Analysis Settings
Command Line Tools Console Tool Window
Creating Module from Scratch
Surrounding Blocks of Code with Language Constructs
Viewing Method Parameter Information
Using Language Injections
Configuring Debugger Options
Monitoring the Debug Information
Enabling EJB Support
Supported Module Types
Using Phing

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