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Pushing Changes to the Upstream (Git Push)
Push Rejected Dialog (Git)
Configure Subversion Branches
Git Branches in Multirooted Projects
Rebase Branches Dialog
Accessing Git Branches Popup Menu
Configuring Subversion Branches
Git Push Dialog
Assigning an Active Changelist
Pushing Changes to the Upstream (Push)
Using the Push ITDs In refactoring
Push Members Down
Merging, Deleting, and Comparing Branches
Push Members Down Dialog
Push Dialog
Merge Branches Dialog
Managing Branches
Working with Tags and Branches
Applying Changes from a Specific Commit to Other Branches (Cherry Picking)
Rebasing Branches
Creating Branches and Tags
Integrating Changes To/From Feature Branches
Build Configuration
Checking out (Switching Between Branches)
Manipulating the Tool Windows
Familiarize Yourself with %product% Editor
Repository and Incoming Tabs
Log Tab
%product% Tool Windows
Configuring Code Coverage Measurement
Building, Running and Debugging Flex Applications
Navigating Between Editor Tabs
Updating Local Information in CVS
Enabling Profiling with XDebug
Checkout Dialog
Run/Debug Configuration: OSGi Bundles
Examining Suspended Program
Interactive Rebase
Pull Changes Dialog
Updating a Running Java EE Application
Changelist Conflicts
Live Templates
Phing Build Tool Window
Remote Host Tool Window
Generate Java from Xml Schema using JAXB Dialog
Generate XML Schema From Java Using JAXB Dialog
Generate Java Code from XML Schema using XmlBeans Dialog
Closing Files in the Editor
Splitting and Unsplitting Editor Window
Viewing TODO Items
Generating Xml Schema From Java Code
Application Servers
Commander Tool Window
Generate Instance Document from Schema Dialog
Generate Schema from Instance Document Dialog
Changing Indentation
Running JavaScript Unit Tests in Browser
Update Directory / Update File Dialog (CVS)
Integrate Project Dialog (Subversion)
Select Branch
Viewing Modes
Managing Editor Tabs
Navigating with Breadcrumbs
Finding and Replacing Text in File
Stepping Through the Program
Adding Files to Version Control
Deleting Files from the Repository
Resolving Conflicts
Deleting a Changelist
Using Drag-and-Drop in the Editor
Viewing the GitHub Version of a File
Integrating Perforce Files
Browsing Subversion Repository
Viewing and Fast Processing of Changelists
Defining the Set of Changelists to Display
Local Tab
Duplicates Tool Window
Project Tool Window
Perforce Options Dialog
Subversion Working Copies Information Tab
Commit Changes Dialog
Error Highlighting
Committing Changes to a Local Git Repository
Editor. Editor Tabs
Navigation Between IDE Components
Navigation In Source Code
Database Tool Window
Debug Tool Window. Frames
Inspection Tool Window
Structure Tool Window
New Changelist Dialog
Unshelve Changes Dialog
What's New
Zooming in the Editor
Unified Version Control Functionality
Deployment: Connection Tab
DBGp Proxy
Editor. Appearance
Web Browsers
JSTestDriver Server Tool Window
Deployment Console
History Tab
Rebasing Commits Dialog
Update Project Dialog (Subversion)
Create Patch Dialog
Revert Changes Dialog
Shelve Changes Dialog
File Types Recognized by %product%
Managing Changelists
Rebasing a Branch to a Specific Commit
Setting Up a Local Git Repository
Stashing and Unstashing Changes
Pulling Changes from the Upstream (Git Pull)
ActionScript, Flex and AIR
Creating and Editing Flex Application Elements
Testing Flex and ActionScript Applications
Familiarize Yourself with IDE Navigation
Comparing Files
Configuring XDebug
Configuring Zend Debugger

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