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In this page, configure how you want IntelliJ IDEA to store passwords for accessing remote Git repositories. These settings are valid at the IntelliJ IDEA level, that is, they apply to passwords for all remote Git repositories you use from IntelliJ IDEA.

Item Description
Do not remember passwords When this option is selected, IntelliJ IDEA does not store passwords and asks you to enter the password on every attempt to access a remote Git repository.
Remember passwords until the application is closed When this option is selected, IntelliJ IDEA stores a password only during one session. Upon the session end, the password is cleared from the memory.
Remember on disk (protected with master password) Select this option to have IntelliJ IDEA save all passwords to remote repositories in a passwords database protected by single master password. When you attempt to access a remote Git repository, IntelliJ IDEA does not request on the corresponding password, but asks you to specify the master password and retrieves the repository password automatically.
Reset Master Password Click this button to open the Master Password / Reset Master Password dialog box and specify a master password for the first time or reset the existing master password.


If you reset a master password, all the previously saved master passwords are cleared.

Change Master Password Click this button to change the existing master password in the Change Master Password dialog box.


IntelliJ IDEA preserves the history of updates to the master password, until you reset it.

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