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IntelliJ IDEA reports compilation and building results in the Messages tool window that displays information about the errors and warnings, providing each type of problem with its own icon and a pair of numbers that represent the row and column, where the problem occurred. In addition, the Messages tool window lets you jump from the error message to the actual location in the source code.

This section describes how to:

To jump from an error message to the problem location in the source code

Do one of the following:

  • Double-click the error message.
  • When Autoscroll to Source img button is released, it is enough to single-click the error message.
  • On the context menu of the error message choose Jump to Source.
  • Press F4F4F4F4F4F4F4F4F12 or Ctrl+Shift+ECommand Down or F4F4F3.
To navigate through the list of error messages in the messages window

Do one of the following:

  • Click img or img buttons in the toolbox of the Messages window.
  • Press Ctrl+Alt+UpShift+Alt+UpCtrl+Alt+UpCtrl+Alt+UpCtrl+Alt+UpCtrl+Alt+UpCtrl+Alt+UpAlt+UpCtrl+Alt+UpAlt Command UpAlt Command UpAlt Command Up or Ctrl+Alt+DownShift+Alt+DownCtrl+Alt+DownCtrl+Alt+DownCtrl+Alt+DownCtrl+Alt+DownCtrl+Alt+DownAlt+DownCtrl+Alt+DownAlt Command DownAlt Command DownAlt Command Down.
To save compilation results in a text file
  1. In the toolbox of the Messages window, click the Export to Text exportToTextFile.png button, or press Alt+OAlt+OAlt+OAlt+OAlt+OAlt+OAlt+OAlt+OAlt+OControl OControl OControl O.
  2. In the Export Preview dialog, specify the target file, and click Save.


Use the Copy button to place selected fragments of the error report to the Clipboard.

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