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To view the files opened by the other users, you need to have the same project available, and the other users should allow you to view their files.

To view the list of files of another team member
  1. Select the user in your contact list.
  2. Choose View Open Files on the context menu, or press Shift+F3 or Ctrl+Shift+LShift+F3 or Ctrl+Shift+LShift+F3 or Ctrl+Shift+LShift+F3 or Ctrl+Shift+LShift+F3, Alt+R or Ctrl+RShift+F3 or Ctrl+Shift+LShift+F3Shift+F3 or Ctrl+Shift+LCtrl+Shift+KShift Command GShift F3 or Control Shift LShift Command K. The Open Files for <user name> dialog appears.

    open files dialog

  3. In this dialog you can:
    • Go to the local version of a file: select the file in the files tree and click the goToLocalVersionIcon icon on the toolbar or press F4F4F4F4F4F4F4F4F12 or Ctrl+Shift+ECommand Down or F4F4F3.
    • See the difference between your local and remote versions of the file: select the file in the tree view and click the Icon  button on the toolbar, or press Ctrl+DCtrl+DCtrl+DCtrl+DMeta+DCtrl+DCtrl+DCtrl+D, Ctrl+Shift+Down or Ctrl+Shift+UpCtrl+DCommand DCommand DCommand D (see Viewing Difference Between Files for details).
    • Filter the files list: when the img button is pressed, the dialog box shows the files with Read-only status only.

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