IntelliJ IDEA 10.5: Full Java 7 Support and IDE Enhancements

Full Java 7 Support

Complete support for Java 7 SDK in all IDE features

Even Faster

More IDE performance and startup optimization

More Pleasant to Use

Usability & UI improvements for certain common tasks

Pace with the Times

Something new for Groovy, Android, Spring, Flex, and more

Java 7 Ready!

All the new Java language features are fully supported across the IDE, with code completion, inspections, quick-fixes, etc.

Java 7 migration helpers

Faster and Easier Introduce Refactorings

Introduce Parameter/Field/Constant refactorings now work in-place, with an instant changes preview and no additional dialogs.

In-place introduce refactorings

Reworked Search/Replace

A more convenient, non-modal Replace UI introduced with an instant preview for regular expression replace.

In-place search-replace

Easier to Use Completion Techniques

Don't bother pressing Shift anymore: the improved code completion will understand you perfectly and quickly provide the matches you need.

Shift-less code completion

JavaScript Debugger in Google Chrome Ultimate only

The Debugger for Chrome supports all features of the JavaScript debugger for Firefox: breakpoints, inspecting local variables, evaluating expressions, etc.

Directory Comparison & DB Diff

New Diff Tools added for comparing local directories and database objects (Tables, Data Sources, Schemes).

Database Diff Tool

More Comfort with Version Control

  • TODO items verification on VCS commit.
  • Import patches into IntelliJ IDEA shelf.
  • Misc. improvements for all supported SCMs.

Android Development

The latest versions of Android SDK are supported, including Honeycomb. Also, specific improvements for easier project configuration and debugging on a device.

Flex/ActionScript Support Ultimate only

  • Move inner ActionScipt class to Package refactoring.
  • Introduce variable/field refactorings improvements.
  • Full cycle of Mobile AIR applications development support.


  • Groovy 1.8 support.
  • Introduce Field and Introduce Parameter refactorings.
  • 'Create Test' intention action.
  • Quick 'Go to Test' navigation.

Go to test action

Updated Ruby, Python, Scala and PHP Plugins

Updated versions of IDE plugins provide new advanced features for Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python/Django and Scala developers.

Spring Ultimate only

Ensured compatibility with the latest Spring 3.1 framework:

  • "c-namespace" facility support.
  • Environment profiles for application contexts.
  • Spring Integration Framework support.
  • And other improvements.

Spring 3.1 profiles

Spring Roo Console Ultimate only

Integrated Spring Roo console added to ease the development of Spring Roo applications.

Spring Roo console

New Tools and Frameworks Integrations

  • Jetty integration Ultimate only
  • XSLT2 support