What's New in IntelliJ IDEA 12? And 12.1…

Every new release of IntelliJ IDEA brings changes to every part of the IDE, including the UI, the editor, tools and frameworks integration, and more. Here are some of the most important items added or improved in IntelliJ IDEA 12 and 12.1.


Fresh Look and Feel

IntelliJ IDEA 12 comes with a fresh look and feel, support for Retina, full-screen mode for Windows, and Darcula, a new native dark UI theme for IDE.

Dark look and feel for IntelliJ IDEA

Play Framework 2 Ultimate

Advanced support for the latest version of Play Framework for Java and Scala with advanced code assistance, templates support, formatter, refactorings and many other features. More details »

Spring Frameworks Ultimate

A big update of Spring developer tools, including performance enhancements and better code assistance for more Spring frameworks such as Web Flow, Integration, MVC, Security, Batch, etc. More details »

Java FX 2

Support for the latest version of JavaFX, with code completion, navigation, refactorings and CSS support. More details »

JavaFX 2 Support in IntelliJ IDEA 12.1

Brand New Compiler

Completely revised approach to project compilation brings more than twice as fast performance and better user experience, with incremental builds and lower memory requirements for the IDE.
More details »

Better Performance

Much faster project indexing and better responsiveness of the IDE as a whole.

Java 8

Complete IDE support for the next generation of the Java platform, with code assistance for the new syntax, such as lambda expressions, method references, default methods and type annotations.

Download Java 8 build with lambda support enabled at http://jdk8.java.net/download.html.

Android UI Designer

Full-featured UI Designer, one of the most requested features, is available now for building advanced layouts for Android mobile devices. More details »

Android UI Designer

Editor Enhancements & Languages Support

Smarter Code Completion

Now completion works even if you type an identifier from the middle part.

Class name completion is available now as part of basic completion, so you don't need a separate shortcut.

Other improvements that make completion even smarter. More details »

Intelligent Formatting

Native support for smart code arrangement is now available for Java and other languages. More details »


Many formatting enhancements. New action for resolving JavaDocs issues added. More details »

  • Custom function definition, completion and renaming support.
  • Highlighting for incorrect @-keyword.
  • Support of nested properties, and more.
  • Statement code completion
  • Brand new compiler via SBT
    More details »
  • Improved refactorings and code analysis
  • Dynamic support
  • Implicit classes support
  • Enhanced debugger
  • ScalaTest 2.0 support
Groovy 2.1
  • Support for @AnnotationCollector and @DelegatesTo
  • Compilation customization support
  • Static type-checking support
  • Convert to Java refactoring
  • New inspections
Dart Ultimate
  • Code assistance with the latest syntax support, completion, navigation and refactorings.
  • Code analysis and quick-fixes with Dart Analyzer support.
  • Integrated tools for unit testing
  • Full-featured debugger via Source Maps
CoffeeScript Ultimate

Full-featured debugger via Source Maps.

TypeScript 0.8 Ultimate

Code assistance and complete support for debugger via Source Maps.

JavaScript Ultimate

Support for JsTestDriver has been improved, bringing better performance and debugger for unit tests.

JavaScript libraries may now be configured at project level.

Full support for Google Closure compiler JSDoc annotations (aka typed JavaScript).

Code analysis tools include support for Google Closure Linter now.

Perforce Ultimate

More reliable offline mode and many performance improvements.

TFS 2012 Ultimate

Support for the latest version of Team Foundation Server added.

Developer Tools

Database Tools Ultimate

With new Edit Tools you can add, drop or rename tables, columns, keys and indices. IntelliJ IDEA will take care of applying the corresponding changes to other code.

Definition Editor enables you to edit the definition for views, procedures and packages, with code assistance.

Diff Tool helps you easily generate SQL queries of the difference between selected tables or databases.

Many other improvements and new features, including manual transaction control, table data export, better dialects support and enhanced user experience.

  • Cherry-pick now provides a commit dialog
  • Compare folders from history, compare folders with branches.
  • Filter commits by dates and mark in Git Log
  • Repository view was added
  • Show All Affected Paths is available from History and Annotations.
  • You can now view and resolve tree conflicts
  • Added ability to edit descriptions for existing commits

Improved import of the projects using
Maven 3.

  • Gradle wrapper support
  • Better synchronization, including libraries version support and automatic import.
  • Tasks support
Live Edit Ultimate

Edit your HTML, CSS and JavaScript files in the IDE and see the changes in the browser immediately.

Live Edit with Google Chrome

Diff and Merge Tools

User interface for Diff and Merge Tools has been improved. Settings menu added.

Merge Tool

Applied changes and difference in line endings are shown now. You can also apply both sides of a conflicting change.

Highlighting for folders with modified files is also available now.

Cloud Tools Ultimate

With new Cloud Tools you can deploy, run and monitor your applications in Cloud Foundry and CloudBees. More details »

Application Servers Ultimate

Support for Jetty 9, JBoss 7.2, TomEE, GlassFish 4, WebSphere 8.5 and WebSphere 8.5 Liberty application servers added.

New dedicated tool window added for managing application servers.

Application Servers

Byte Code Viewer

Now you can analyze byte code for your classes on the fly to better understand how your code works.

Byte Code Viewer

Frameworks Support

Spring Frameworks Ultimate

A big update of Spring Development Tools, with multiple enhancements and new code assistance features for more Spring frameworks.

  • Performance enhanced significantly
  • Support for mixed annotation-based and XML configurations
  • Editing dependencies on a diagram
  • Support for Integration, Web Flow, MVC, Security, Batch and other frameworks.
Hibernate Ultimate

Hibernate 4.0 is completely supported now.

Flex, Flash and AIR Ultimate

Support for Adobe Gaming SDK, including AIR SDK, Starling, Feathers and Away3D.

New features for Adobe AIR and iOS:

  • iOS Simulator support
  • Deployment to devices without iTunes
  • Debugger for devices over USB

Other improvements, including enhanced UML diagrams, unit tests with pure ActionScript, Apache Flex SDK support and better code formatting. Now you also can use ActionScript Compiler 2.0 as a target.

Drools Expert Ultimate

Code assistance and refactorings are available for Drools Expert, a rule-based declarative language from JBoss.

Play Framework 2.1 Ultimate

Advanced support for the latest version of Play Framework for Java and Scala is available now, with smart code assistance, templates support, formatter, refactorings and many other features.

Support for Play 1.2.5 has also been improved, including code assistance for custom tags, navigation between views and controllers, annotations, list and field tags support.

Java EE 6 Ultimate

Support for new JSF libraries has been added, including RichFaces 4.4.2, IceFaces 3.1.0 and PrimeFaces 3.4.

Enhanced Dependency Diagram for CDI with editing, navigation and drag-n-drop.

Support for CDI 1.1 and Spring configuration, easier project setup and new intentions.

Support for JBoss WS and Axis2 web service engines added.


Cucumber support for Java and Groovy with code completion, navigation and quick-fixes. More details »


Android 4.2

New refactorings for XML layouts are available now from the editor and the UI designer. More details »

Better code formatting for layout XML, improved navigation and many other improvements.

Vaadin Ultimate

Support for Vaadin with easy project setup and code generation.

Tapestry Ultimate

Better code completion and navigation.
More details »

Jade Ultimate

Support for Jade template language for Node.js with completion, intentions and quick-fixes.

Jade Support