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Use this page to change the overall look and feel of your IDE.

UI Options

Option Description
Cyclic scrolling in list Select this check box to enable scrolling through a list by jumping from the last item to the first one and vice versa.
Show icons in quick navigation Select this check box to have the module and module icon shown in the quick navigation pop-up menu (CtrlCtrl/Ctrl+ShiftCtrl Shift/Ctrl+Shift+Alt+NCommand Shift Alt N).
Automatically position mouse cursor on default button Select this check box to have the mouse pointer placed at the default button when a dialog box opens. If the check box is not selected, the pointer location does not change.
Look and feel Use this drop-down list to select a Look and Feel configuration. The list contains all the Look & Feel configurations registered with the UI manager.
Tooltip mode Select the appearance of the tooltips from the drop-down list.
Override default fonts by (not recommended)

This check box is not available, when the default look and feel is selected in the Look and Feel field.

If you choose a non-default look and feel, select this check box to enable specifying font family and size to be used instead of the default one.


When first installed, MPS takes Windows default font size and style.



The transparency mode is available only for Windows 2000/Windows XP or higher.

Option Description
Use transparent mode for floating windows Select this check box if you want floating tool windows to become semi-transparent when inactive (i.e. not in focus).

The Delay and Ratio fields are enabled only after you select the Use transparent mode... check box.

Delay (ms) In this text box, specify the time in milliseconds after which an inactive floating tool window becomes transparent.
Ratio Specify the transparency ratio for the floating tool windows using the sliding scale.

The higher the ratio, the more transparent and less visible the tool windows are.

Window Options

Option Description
Animate windows Select this check box to have undocked tool windows slide with the animation effect.

This option applies only when a tool window is undocked.

Show memory indicator Select this check box to show the Memory Indicator on the Status Bar.
Show tool window bars Select this check box to display tool window bars.
Show tool window numbers Select this check box to show tool window quick access numbers on the tool window buttons.

You can use the Alt+numberAlt number shortcuts regardless of this setting and change the shortcuts in the Keymaps dialog.

Note that the tool window mnemonics show up only when the corresponding keybindings have the format Alt+n, where n is an integer number in the range from 1 to 9. In the case of a different keyboard shortcut, the mnemonics are not displayed.

Disable mnemonics in menu Select this check box to hide underlining of hot keys in the MPS menus.

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