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Function Keyboard shortcut Use this shortcut to...
Close Active Tab Ctrl+Shift+F4Command Shift F4 Close an active tab in a tool window (for example, Find tool window).
Close Editor Ctrl+F4Command F4 Close an active editor.
Edit Source F4F4 Open an editor for the selected item or items and give focus to the last opened file.
Escape EscapeEscape Depending on the context:
  • In the editor: close pop-up windows, terminate search, or remove highlighting.
  • In a tool window: return focus to the editor.
Export to Text File Alt+OCommand O Export contents of a tool window to a text file. This feature applies to the Changes, Messages, and other tool windows that provide the export button on the window toolbar.
New... Alt+InsertCommand N Create a new class, interface, file or directory. See Populating Modules.
Save All Ctrl+SCommand S Save all files and settings.
Select Next Tab Alt+RightCommand Right When several tabs are open in the editor or a view, open the next tab to the right (or first tab if the current one is the last).
Select Previous Tab Alt+LeftCommand Left When several tabs are open in the editor or a view, open the next tab to the left (or last tab if the current one is the first).
Show Intention Action Alt+EnterAlt Enter Display intention actions (if any) for the code where the caret is currently located, or the selected GUI component in a form.
Synchronize Ctrl+Alt+YCommand Alt Y Detect all externally changed files and reload them from disk.
View Source Ctrl+EnterCommand Enter Depending on the context:

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