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MPS as a keyboard-centric IDE suggests a wide variety of keyboard shortcuts. In this topic you can find a short list of the most indispensable of them, to make your first steps with MPS easy.

See the detailed list of default keyboard shortcuts in the Keyboard Shortcuts Reference and learn how to customize your preferred keymap in the section Configuring keyboard shortcuts.

Shortcut Description
Alt+F1Alt F1 Switch between views (Project, Structure, etc.).
Ctrl+TabAlt Tab Switch between the tool windows and files opened in the editor.
Alt+HomeAlt Home Show the Navigation bar.
Ctrl+JCommand J Insert a live template.
Ctrl+Alt+JCommand Alt J Surround with a live template.
F4F4 Edit an item from the Project or another tree view.
Alt+EnterAlt Enter Use the suggested quick fix.
Ctrl+SlashCommand Slash or Ctrl+DivideCommand Divide
Ctrl+Shift+SlashCommand Shift Slash or Ctrl+Shift+DivideCommand Shift Divide
Comment or uncomment a line or fragment of code with the line or block comment.
Ctrl+NCommand N
Ctrl+Shift+NCommand Shift N
Find class or file by name.
Ctrl+DCommand D Duplicate the current line or selection.
Ctrl+WCommand W and Ctrl+Shift+WCommand Shift W Incremental expression selection.
Ctrl+FCommand F or Alt+F3Alt F3 Find text string in the current file.
Ctrl+Shift+FCommand Shift F Find in the current folder.
Ctrl+Shift+F7Command Shift F7 Quick view the usages of the selected symbol.
Ctrl+AddCommand Add or Ctrl+EqualsCommand Equals
Ctrl+SubtractCommand Subtract or Ctrl+MinusCommand Minus
Expand or collapse a code block.
Ctrl+SpaceCommand Space Invoke code completion.

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