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Everything you do in MPS, is done within the context of a project. A project represents a complete software solution, and defines project-wide settings.

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Project files

A project in MPS is represented in the Directory Based Format. A project directory is marked with a icon.

Such project directory contains a .idea directory, with the following files:

  • *.iml file that describes the project structure.
  • workspace.xml that contains your workspace preferences.
  • A number of .xml files. Each .xml file is responsible for its own set of settings, that can be recognized by its name: projectCodeStyle.xml, encodings.xml, vcs.xml etc.

    Thus, for example, adding a new run/debug configuration and changing encoding will affect different .xml files. This helps avoid merge conflicts when the project settings are stored in a version control system and modified by the different team members.


All the settings files in the .idea directory should be put under version control except the workspace.xml, which stores your local preferences. The workspace.xml file should be marked as ignored by VCS.


.idea directory is not visible in the Project view.

Project types

MPS suggests the following types of projects:

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