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MPS status bar indicates the current IDE state and lets you carry out some environment maintenance tasks.

Icon Description
Click to toggle showing or hiding tool window bars. Also double press and hold CommandCommand to show hidden tool window bars. Refer to the procedure description.
Shows description of a command, currently selected on the main menu, context menu, or a toolbar.
Click this icon to invoke the Background Tasks manager.
Displays the current editor caret position
Lock icon indicates the read-only or writable attribute of the current file in the editor. Click the icon to toggle file attribute.

Use also File | Make File Writable/Read-only command on the main menu.

Indicates whether the new characters in the editor overwrite the existing ones. In the Overwrite mode, the form of the cursor changes to a rectangle. Press the InsertInsert key to toggle the Insert and Overwrite modes.
View and change encoding of the current file in the editor.
The Hector icon provides the following functions:
  • Inspections. Hovering your mouse pointer over the icon shows the current code inspection profile at the tooltip.
    Click the icon to change highlighting level for the current file using the slider, or configure inspection profile. Depending on the highlighting level selected by the slider, Hector keeps an eye on the code (Inspection level), turns half face (Syntax), or averts his face from the code (None).
  • Power Save Mode. Select this check box to minimize power consumption of your computer on account of eliminating the background operations. When Power Save Mode is on, no inspections are performed.
    Hector fades .
Indicates presence of notifications. Click this icon to show Notifications pop-up frame, and fix errors.
Indicates that an internal IDE error occurred. Click this icon to submit an error report.
Click this icon to navigate to the pending source control changelists in the Incoming tab of the Changes tool window.
Shows the current heap level and memory usage.

Shows logged in to or logged out from IntelliJ Configuration Server status. Click to show the IntelliJ Configuration Server Settings dialog box.

This is only available upon installing the IntelliJ Configuration Server plugin.


More icons appear in the Status bar as you download and install plugins.

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