C++ IDE Features

JetBrains is working on a cross-platform C++ IDE supporting C, C++ (including C++11, libc++ and Boost) to help you create outstanding applications for any platform whether it is Windows, OS X or Linux.

Right now you can already use AppCode to code in C++. What benefits to expect from the new C++ IDE?

Smart Code Editor

All the intelligent features from AppCode will be included in the C++ IDE: code completion, auto-import, code generation, implement and override option for methods, classes, namespaces and even top-level functions.

C/C++ Projects Support

In the new IDE we will add support for CMake-based projects: easily open CMake-based projects in the IDE and explore the project structure.


New C++ IDE will come with a set of intelligent and reliable refactorings helping you modify and improve your code structure. The set of code generation options and refactorings will also be available for templates and even preprocessor macros. You can already try some of these features in AppCode.

Code Analysis and Quick-Fixes

The IDE will be integrated with Clang Analyzer, so that more than 2000 code inspections and error diagnostics results from Clang compiler will be shown right in the editor. Of course, you also will be able to review them in a bulk mode.

We’re working on a set of C++ specific code inspections and corresponding quick-fixes that will keep an eye on your code and help prevent potential errors and inconsistencies.

Project and Code Navigation

You will be able not only to use regular Goto options like Go to File, Go to Class, Go to Symbol, but the Find Usages option is there too allowing you to explore a code base and review where particular symbols are actually used. AppCode also provides special views for exploring call/includes/type hierarchy.

We will also implement more advanced features like value tracking and type tracking. Type tracking can show you which types are passed to a template and where do they come from; and value tracking helps you determine how a certain incorrect value might have passed to a given point in your program, and where it might be passed next.

Unit Testing and Debugger

You can already try AppCode's handy debugger with conditional breakpoints, smart Variables view and quick expression evaluation.

An easy-to-use and fluent test runner for CPPUnit is coming, allowing you to run the tests and review the results in a convenient and user-friendly way.

VCS Support

The new IDE will come with the first-class support for the most popular version control systems. This will include both support of features specific for each VCS as well as a unified interface and management for common VCS tasks.


Built-in support for Doxygen documentation system for all supported languages.

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We thank you for the participation and interest! Stay tuned and wait till the first public EAP of JetBrains C++ IDE.

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