What’s New in AppCode

AppCode brings you support for Objective-C generics, Swift features introduced in the latest language version, and better Swift debugger experience. A range of general enhancements in this update also improve your overall development experience.

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Swift 2 support

AppCode supports parsing, completion and highlighting for error handling statements, cleanup actions, protocol extensions and other features recently added in Swift language. Corresponding code formatting options can be easily adjusted in preferences.

Learn which Swift 2 features are supported

Swift Override/Implement

Use Implement methods... (^I) inside an extension clause to generate the implementation for protocol methods.

Navigate instantly between method definition in protocol and its implementation in extension by using icons in the left gutter.

Quick fixes

Use Surround with do/catch and Propagate call error with try quick-fixes in error-handling statements and easily add catch statements with Add "catch" clause and Add default "catch" clause intentions.

Swift debugger

Swift Debugger

The Swift debugger becomes even better with AppCode , supporting rendering for standard collections, complex CollectionType subclasses and CoreFoundation types in Swift.

Elements for any collection are shown in a convenient way with all irrelevant attributes skipped, both in the Variables view and the editor (in case the Inline variables view is enabled).

Evaluate expressions

View variables added to Watches tool window, evaluate Swift expressions using Evaluate expression... (⌥F8) and benefit from code completion for both cases.

Set value

Change values of type properties, arrays and array elements without stopping your debugging session with the Set value action (F2).


Generics in Objective-C

Xcode 7 introduced generics in Objective-C. This mechanism is especially important when you bridge in mixed Objective-C and Swift code. AppCode can parse and highlight generic parameters and lets you rename them easily.

Nullability annotations

New nullability annotations in Objective-C, _Nonnull and _Nullable, are now supported in AppCode editor.

Apple TV

Apple TV support

Since AppCode , you can run and debug your apps on Apple TV devices and simulators.

Test runner

Test runner

Run XCTest, Kiwi or Google Test in your project and get the results in the separate AppCode tool window, which is now better and more convenient to use. Sort tests by duration in the test tree, import results from history in one click and never lose important information while testing your app.

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Editor & navigation

Objective-C and Swift in Search Everywhere

Use Search everywhere for Objective-C and Swift symbols starting from AppCode

Adjust code style settings

Change code-style settings for selected piece of code with a new quick-fix available via ⌥Enter. It is easy to see how your changes are applied to your code with a live preview available.

Preview find in path

While searching through the code base with Find in Path, check the results on the fly as the first 100 results are listed in preview right in the Find in Path dialog.

Look & feel

Adjustments for color deficiency

If needed, select your specific form of color blindness in Appearance settings.

Note: currently only the red-green color deficiency is supported.

Custom boot JDK

Now AppCode installer includes custom JDK 8 with fixes from the JetBrains team, so there is no need to download it separately. You can always switch between JDK versions installed on your system by typing Switch IDE Boot JDK in the Find Action dialog (⇧⌘A).

Version control

Edit code in commit window

With AppCode you can easily fix small issues while looking at the diff in a commit dialog. Simply enable the editing mode and start editing your code.

And even more

  • In case you are using AppCode for Unreal Engine 4 development, you’ll be glad to learn that __LINE__ macro is now supported correctly (thanks to CLion team).
  • The Shelve in Perforce action is available for Perforce users.
  • Mercurial Queues users can benefit from dedicated tools for managing patches. It’s possible to create, rename, apply or remove patches directly from AppCode UI.
  • Git users can now access branch operations right from the VCS Log Viewer (including the Rebase action)
  • Regular expressions are supported in the Find and Replace search action.
  • New navigation feature: use ^M to go to matching brace/parenthesis/bracket.
  • JavaScript debugger is now bundled in AppCode.
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