What's New in AppCode 2.5

Not only AppCode constantly improves languages support and adds integrations with the cream of the tools, it naturally keeps abreast with the new trends including new iOS devices and architectures. Take a look at the most important changes brought to you by this release.

Xcode 5, iOS 7, XCTest

AppCode 2.5 fully supports Xcode 5, XCTest, iOS 7 as well as 64-bit iOS Simulator and devices.

In addition, you can now work with Xcode 5 Asset Catalogs right from the project view.

This version also adds support for External and Aggregate targets with the ability to specify an external executable.


AppCode 2.5 introduces support for popular dependency manager CocoaPods. Take advantage of the smart features now available to you: ability to easily install and update pods, either by using the Tools | CocoaPods menu or right from the editor, as well as code completion and on-the-fly inspections in pod files.


AppCode keeps improving C++ language support with each release adding more smart coding features. This version is enhanced with new powerful code generation options such as Override/Implement, constructor/destructor and getter/setter, allowing to greatly boost your productivity.

Unit testing, Debugger

C++ developers will be happy to know that as of today, AppCode supports Google Test, a popular C++ testing framework.


Unit testing has become even more flexible with several new options allowing you to rerun various combinations of tests. Whether you use OCUnit, XCTest or Google Test, you can now rerun all failed tests, selected tests, or tests in a file.


The debugger has been enhanced with a new 'Set Value' action: now you can manually set a value to a variable when you've stopped at a breakpoint. Just select a variable and press F2 to enter its value, or alternatively use the context menu. This feature works with local and member variables as well as with Core Data objects.

Code Editing

Clever new intention actions will help you to quickly simplify and restructure conditional expressions.

Move Statement Up/Down (Shift+Cmd+Up/Down) action, familiar to users of IntelliJ IDEA, is now available in AppCode to help you easily move around classes, methods and statements. The feature is available for both Objective-C and C/C++.

IDE Improvements

The latest AppCode makes integration with GitHub even better: now GitHub users can make pull requests right in the IDE with ease.

With the new Presentation mode, AppCode 2.5 now gives you an opportunity to start a demonstration of your code and coding process with a single click.

Versions History

AppCode 2.0
  • Kiwi testing framework
  • Dash, Ingredients
  • New refactorings
  • New code generation options
  • Integrated Clang Analyzer
  • Code Data object renderers in the debugger
  • Performance optimizations
AppCode 1.6
  • GitHub support
  • Improved refactorings
  • First-class i18n support
  • More code inspections and generation options
  • Improved coding assistance and navigation
  • Enhanced C/C++ support
  • Build settings editor
AppCode 1.5
  • New refactorings
  • Enhanced debugger
  • Easier Run/Debug configurations
  • Better Xcode integration
  • Improved C++ support
  • New quick-fixes
  • Enhanced Hierarchy vew

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