Choose Your Omea

JetBrains Omea comes in two separate products: Omea Reader and Omea Pro.
Compare features of both products and see which one suits your needs better:

Working with information resources
  Omea Pro Omea Reader
Email MS Outlook integration  
Newsgroups Integrated reader Integrated reader
Browser bookmarks MSIE and Mozilla MSIE and Mozilla
RSS and Atom feeds Integrated reader Integrated reader
Instant messages ICQ and Miranda  
Local files Customizable indexing  
Contacts Optional Outlook sync  
Tasks Optional Outlook sync  
Organizing information
  Omea Pro Omea Reader
Linking resources    
Custom properties    
Customizable views    
Shortcuts bar    
Rules and notifications    
Searching resources
  Omea Pro Omea Reader
Full text search    
Advanced search    
Trial and Purchase
  Omea Pro Omea Reader
Trial version Not applicable Not applicable
Purchase Free Free
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