Omea 2.3 (code name Grenache) EAP is open!

We're glad you are interested in the Omea Early Access Program (EAP). Here you can obtain early access builds of the next version of Omea Pro and Omea Reader.

Early access builds, as the name implies, contain new and/or changed functionality that has not been officially released by JetBrains. By downloading EAP software you agree to use it entirely at your own risk according to the terms of the Pre-Release Software Evaluation Agreement.

List of new features and modifications

Omea Pro EAP Build 1106

Release date: Mar 9, 2007

Download Omea Pro Build 1106 » (6.8 MB)

Omea Reader EAP Build 1106

Release date: Mar 9, 2007

Download Omea Reader Build 1106 » (4.9 MB)

EAP License Key

For the EAP versions of Omea Pro, you can use either a permanent license key that you already have, or the free time-limited license key provided below. The EAP key will not be useful for the released version of Omea Pro 2.3.

User name: Omea EAP User
Key: MNnxySJlUGcuPZqjh9E57BL96tqsrwdv

Omea Reader is a FREE product and does not require any license neither for EAP nor for the forthcoming 2.2 release builds.

OpenAPI Documentation

You can find the released API documentation on the Plugins page.