Categories are a major organizing feature in Omea Pro. They enable you to organize your resources in ways that are meaningful to you and support the way you work.


Your Stuff Your Way


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Create a custom filing scheme that's as simple or complex as you need. For example you can organize ALL your resources by:

  • Project
  • Topic of Research
  • Keyword
  • Date
  • Contacts Involved
  • File Type
  • Workspace Used

More Capability, No Risk

It doesn't really matter to Omea Pro where resource items are actually stored on your PC: in a Windows folder, an Outlook folder, or an instant messaging client's history file.

Using Omea Pro, you'll focus less on satisfying the demands of the computer and different programs, and focus more on accomplishing your tasks with the information resources you need close at hand.

Forget the limitations of your operating system and other applications. Do you have a document that relates to more than one thing? File the same resource in multiple Categories. Access it later from any of them. Because there's never more than one physical copy of the item, there's never a risk of out-of-sync copies.

Automate the Organization Process

By telling Omea a few Rules, you can automatically organize any information that arrives on your computer into your categories. New RSS feeds, emails, newsgroup items, contacts, and tasks can all be automatically filed so that they're easy to find later.