Outlook Folders

You can keep on using your existing Microsoft Outlook™. (In fact, you still need Outlook to send, receive, and store your messages.) Your Outlook Folders are fully accessible and manageable from Omea Pro. And you gain the power and flexibility of Omea's search and organizing tools for you email messages.


Email as Usual

The structure of email folders in Omea Pro is the same as in Microsoft Outlook so there's nothing really new to learn. You can send and receive email messages as usual, and continue to use your Outlook Folders just as before. You can even create new Outlook Folders from Omea. Such changes are automatically synchronized with Outlook

As with Outlook, you can create Rules to automatically file some messages. Omea Pro uses the same basic interface, so you can leverage what you already know. But with Omea Pro, you have broader possibilities for how Rules file messages.

Work with Several Information Storages

Use Omea to work with several information stores, copy and move messages and folders between information stores.

And a Whole Lot More

Although you may keep on using your Outlook Folders to organize your email, you can use Omea Pro to go far beyond that.

  • You can specify which of your Outlook Folders you want to work with in Omea Pro, and you can explicitly exclude any folder: Outbox, for example.
  • If you have defined Workspaces to isolate resources for specific activities, people, etc. you can set up each Workspace to access only the Outlook Folders that are relevant, excluding the rest.
  • While keeping your Outlook Folders structure, you can gain added flexibility in filing and organizing by using Omea Pro Categories to file messages according to the various ways you may want to access them.