Local Folders

There's no need to abandon all the work you've put in to your Windows filing system. In fact, you still need Windows to physically store files and data. But when you need to work with the Windows file system, you can do so without leaving Omea Pro.


Built-in Local File Browsing & Filing

Omea Pro has a built-in file explorer that allows you to access and manage locally stored files in the folders you choose to have Omea Pro index.

All the file operations you are accustomed to are available: save to folders, create and delete folders, and copy or move files.

You can save incoming files to your Windows file system, although this isn't absolutely necessary. For example, unless you really need a copy saved elsewhere, you can just leave files attached to emails or news articles and file them in Categories. You can quickly find and access them from there.

Decide What to Include and Exclude

You control which folders are accessible to Omea Pro, globally and per Workspace. You can change these settings any time to include new folders outside the currently accessible paths. Within any path, you can explicitly exclude any folder or path if its content is not meaningful for you (operating system or temporary file folders, for example).