Links in Omea Pro, like links on web pages, are connections to some other information. Using Links, you can create relationships between resource items that are meaningful for you. For example, you might create a link between emails from a customer some page from the customer's website.


Smart Automatic Links

Omea Pro automatically creates many useful links that you can always access and follow to related information. For example, for every email message, Omea Pro automatically creates links to the contact record of the sender and all other recipients, and any attachments. Newsgroup replies are linked to the original article and the sender's contact information. You'll find similar useful links for every type of resource you work with.

Custom Links


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You are not limited to Omea Pro's idea of useful links. The automatic links are just for starters. The real value of the Links feature is that you can create links from any resource of any type to any other resource of any type. You decide what's related to what and quickly define a Link with an easy drag-and-drop action. If things change later (as they usually do), you can easily remove any of your custom Links and/or re-link items to different ones.