"Notify Me" Alerts

Omea Pro's Notify Me feature helps you ensure that you are notified about important things: incoming messages from your boss, or new posts on a feed, for example.


Quick, Easy Setup

Notify Me alerts are really just a special kind of Rule that you can set up very quickly with just a couple of mouse clicks.

For example, suppose you want to be notified whenever mail arrives for your boss (or spouse, or child, or whomever). Just right-click on any message from that person, choose Notify Me, check how you want to be alerted, and you're done.

Multiple Alerts Mean You Don't Miss One


Pop up larger screenshot

Omea Pro gives you a choice of 3 alert types to make sure you never miss something important:

  • Desktop Alert: Pops up from your Windows® Taskbar with information about the event that triggered it.
  • Sound: Omea Pro can optionally play any .WAV sound on your PC when a notification occurs.
  • Message Dialog: Pops up a regular message dialog with information about the alert.

Choose any alert type for your Notify Me alerts, or all three if it's really important!

Add More Power Any Time

Because Notify Me alerts are just a special kind of Rule, you can optionally take advantage of the full power and flexibility you get using Rules.

You can edit any Notify Me rule any time using the Rules Manager to add more conditions, exceptions, and actions.