Rules enable you to automate some of your tasks. For example, if you want emails and newsgroup posts from specific people or with specific content filed in a certain way, you can define a Rule that does it automatically as new content is received.


You don't have to do it all

Rules can help you automate many kinds of tasks. For example, incoming email messages can be filed into specified Outlook Folders and/or Omea Categories, and/or marked with a Flag... even associated with a Workspace... all automatically.

You can also have your Rules alert you when they are applied.

Stay Up-to-date with Tray Icon Rules

We know that you don't spend all your time in Omea Pro and to notify you of the resource changes, we have created the Tray Icon Rules. Once you customize Tray Icon Rules, Omea Pro's icon in the system tray will change every time when new specified items appear in it.

Create your own notification system by choosing icons either from Omea Pro's resources or from files with .ico extension. Move the mouse pointer to the tray icon and see the type and number of new items and quickly navigate to them.

Get Rid of Old Stuff Using Autoexpiration Rules

Now you don't have to manually remove the old stuff from Omea Pro because Autoexpiration Rules will do it for you. Customize these rules for the selected newsgroups and feeds and have only the most recent information at hand. Benefit from the preset conditions and exceptions and add more of them instantly.

Leverage Your Existing Knowledge


Pop up animated demo

If you've ever defined Rules in Microsoft Outlook™, you already know how to do it in Omea Pro because the interface is very similar. What's mainly different about Omea Pro is the broader range of criteria, exceptions, actions, and resource types you can create Rules for.