Workspaces enable you to work with a subset of all the resources on your computer in a context that’s meaningful to you.


Create Your Own Contextual Associations

You can create Workspaces for different projects, activities, or even people. For each Workspace, you can define what resources are available to you while working in it.

For example, if you have two projects you are working on, you can create a Workspace for each one. You can then define which resources you want to have available when working on each project: Windows ® and MS Outlook™ folders, on-line resources such as feeds, newsgroups, and web pages, and Contacts.

Eliminate the "Noise and Clutter"

A Workspace is like a separate office dedicated to just one thing: research, a project, correspondents, an online community, a hobby or sport... anything you want. You can eliminate from view everything that doesn't relate to the purpose of the Workspace, so you have less visual clutter and you concentrate better.

As new information resources arrive, you can associate them with the relevant Workspace. with more than one if the resource is pertinent to both.