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Configuring Content Roots

Any project contains at least one content root created together with the project.

You can create additional content roots as well as remove the unnecessary ones.

In this section:

To create a new content root

  1. Open the project settings by choosing File | Settings | Project Settings . Then click Directories.
  2. On the Directories page, click the Add Content Root button addRoot.
  3. In the dialog that opens, locate the desired directory and click OK.

To remove a content root

  1. Open the Settings dialog box.
  2. On the Directories page, select the content root to be deleted.
  3. Click the Remove Content Entry button web_ide_remove_content_root.png.
  4. Confirm deletion.

Specifying folder categories in the Project tool window

  1. Open the Project tool window (e.g. View | Tool Windows | Project ).
  2. Select the folder that you want to assign to test sources.
  3. In the context menu, point to Mark Directory As and select the desired category.

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Last modified: 29 January 2015