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Configuring Folders Within a Content Root

SourceResource RootTest SourceExcluded

By default, any folder is treated as Source folder unless it is associated with another type.

Files under a folder marked as Resource Root can be referenced relative to this folder. Excluded folders are not involved in indexing and therefore they are ignored while searching, parsing, watching etc.

To invoke this distinction, you can mark any folder below a content root as Resource Root, Test, or Excluded.

In this section:

To mark directories under the content root

  1. Open the Settings dialog box, and then click the Directories node.
  2. In the Directories page, click the desired content root. The directories under this content root are displayed as a tree view in the right-hand pane.
  3. Select the directory you want to mark and do one of the following:
    • To have PhpStorm consider the contents of the selected folder as unit tests, click the Tests toolbar button rootTest.png or choose Test Sources on the context menu of the selection.
    • To have PhpStorm consider the selected folder as the root for namespaces used in your project, click the Sources toolbar button rootSource.png of choose Sources on the context menu of the selection.

      Based on this setting, PhpStorm suggests you the proper folder name when you want to create a new namespace under another parent namespace during creation or moving a PHP class, that is, when you are actually creating or moving a PHP class to a non-existing namespace under another parent namespace. If no Sources folder is specified, you will have to type the proper folder manually.

      Appointing a Sources folder is not mandatory but this helps you keep your project structure in compliance with the PSR0 and PSR4 standards.

    • To have PhpStorm ignore the selected directory during indexing, parsing, code completion, etc., click the Excluded toolbar button rootExcluded.gif or choose Excluded on the context menu of the selection.
    • To enable PhpStorm to complete relative paths to resources under the selected folder, click the Resource Root toolbar button rootSource.png or choose Resource Root on the context menu of the selection.

To mark directories using context menu

  1. Right-click the desired directory in the Project Tool Window.
  2. On the context menu, point to Mark Directory As node.
  3. Choose Mark as <directory status>.

To return a folder to its regular status, do one of the following:

  • In the Project Structure:
    • Select the directory in question in the list of folders under the content root, and click rootUnmark:
    • Click the folder's status icon once more.
    • Choose the corresponding command on the context menu of the directory.
  • In the Project Tool Window, right-click the desired directory, point to Mark Directory As node, and then choose Unmark as <directory status>.

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Last modified: 29 January 2015