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Create New Project: Specify Local Server

File | New Project From Existing Files - Web server is installed locally, source files are located under its document root

The page opens when you click Next on the Create New Project: Choose Project Directory page. On this page of the wizard, choose the local server access configuration to use. You can select an existing configuration or define a new one.

Item Description
Add new local server Select this option to move to the Create New Project: Add Local Server page and specify a new Web server configuration.
Use existing server Select this option to use one of the existing Web server configurations from the list below.
Name This read-only field shows the name of the local server access configuration.
URL This read-only field shows the URL address of the server configuration root.
Don't check HTTP connection to server
  • When this check box is cleared, PhpStorm checks whether the specified URL address ensures successful connection to the server.
  • When this check box is selected, PhpStorm moves to the next page of the Wizard without any connection check.

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Last modified: 29 January 2015