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Data Sources

PhpStorm does not enable you to create databases, but provides facilities to manage and query them. Once you are granted access to a certain database, you can configure one or more data sources within PhpStorm that reflect the structure of the database and store the database access credentials.

Based on this information, PhpStorm establishes connection to the database and provides the possibility to retrieve or change information contained therein.

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Global and local data sources

PhpStorm distinguishes between Global and Local data sources.

  • Global data sources are available in all projects in your workspace.
  • Local data sources are available in one specific project only.

Types of data sources

In PhpStorm you can configure two types of data sources:

  • DB data sources to access existing databases of the various types.
  • DDL data sources to create data structures based on DDL files.

DB data sources can be both global and local; DDL data sources can be configured only at the project level.


PhpStorm establishes a database connection between a data source and the corresponding database automatically, the first time it needs to execute a query. A database connection is displayed in the Database tool window as a node below the data source via which it is established, and is marked with the database_connection.png icon.

PhpStorm closes a connection automatically upon the session termination; alternatively, you can close a database connection manually (Close Database Connection on the context menu of a connection, or EditorDelete on the toolbar of the Database tool window).

Access to data sources

Access to data sources is supported through a variety of PhpStorm features and components:

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