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Diagram Toolbar and Context Menu

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Item Description
erDiagramIconZoomIn.png Click this button to increase the scale of the diagram. Alternatively, press NumPad+.
erDiagramIconZoomOut.png Click this button to decrease the scale of the diagram. Alternatively, press NumPad-.
erDiagramIconActualSize.png Click this button to restore the actual size of the diagram.
erDiagramIconFitContent.png Click this button to make the contents fit into the current diagram size.
erDiagramIconApplyLayout.png Click this button to apply the current layout, selected on the context menu of the diagram.
mainToolbarSave.gif Click this button to save the current diagram in the specified location as xml file.
exportToTextFile.png Click this button to save the diagram in an image file with the specified name and path. The possible formats are:jpeg, png, svg, svgz, or gif.
print.png Click this button to print the diagram.
printPreview.png Click this button to open the diagram preview in a separate frame, where you can configure the page layout, scale, and headings information.

Context menu

The table below contains commands that are not available from the toolbar.

Item Description
New Use this node to add new elements to a diagram.
Refactor This node contains refactoring commands, enabled in the current context.
Jump to Source Choose this command to open the selected diagram node element in the editor.
Find Usages Choose this command to search for usages of the selected node element.
Layout Select the desired diagram layout from the submenu.
Show Edge Labels Check this command to show multiplicities in diagram.

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Last modified: 29 January 2015