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Enabling Profiling with Zend Debugger

Xdebug profiler is incorporated in the Zend Debugger tool. Therefore you only need to download, install, and enable Xdebug itself.

To enable profiling with Zend Debugger, perform these general steps:

Configuring Zend Debugger

  1. Download and install the Zend Debugger tool.
  2. Integrate Zend Debugger with the PHP engine.
  3. Integrate Xdebug with PhpStorm.

Enabling the toggling of the profiler from the browser

  • Specify the GET/POST or COOKIE parameters. Do one of the following:
    • Generate bookmarklets through which you will start/stop a debugging session by controlling the debugger cookie.
    • Specify the values manually.

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Last modified: 2 July 2015