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Google App Engine

PhpStorm supports all major Google App Engine development practices.

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Preparing for Google App Engine development in PhpStorm

  1. Download and install Python, version 2.7 or later.
  2. Download and install the Google App Engine SDK for PHP.
  3. Create a Google account at

Google App Engine support in PhpStorm

Google App Engine support in PhpStorm includes:

Creating, deploying, and launching applications on Google App Engine

  1. In your browser, sign in to your Google account, register an application and get the application ID at
  2. In PhpStorm, create a Google App Engine project with application id you obtained at See Creating Google App Engine Project.
  3. Develop the desired contents.
  4. Upload your application.
  5. Visit http://<your-application-name> to view your application in action.

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Last modified: 10 December 2014